Rat removal from your attic

Do you have rats getting in your house or attic? Seeing signs of holes chewed bags or boxes of food or hearing them scratching above you at night? Rats are dirty animals and leave droppings behind to contaminate your home. It may be time to call a rat exterminator.

One of the most obvious methods of getting rid of rats or mice is with the use of traps. But the first place to start is by not giving them a reason to come in. Be sure all food is in closed containers they can’t get into. Food that is left out attracts not only rats but many other pests and bugs as well.

Keep your trash covered and take it outside when you throw food away. Don’t leave the trash bag close to your home but put it in a closed garbage can or dumpster so you won’t be tempting mice and rats to get into it. The whole idea is to not give them access to food, either inside or outside your home.

Look for holes they may be coming in through. It’s usually easy to tell if a hole or crack is the one they’re using because it will get dirty around the edges where they rub against it.

Remove any ability for rats to enter your home by sealing all holes in your walls, doors and screens. Check your garage doors, chimneys, dryer and air conditioning vents, and crawl spaces to ensure that they are properly sealed to the outdoors. If a rat can find its way in your house then they can set up shop and start breeding. The best thing you can do is prevent that.

Hiring a professional rat exterminator

If you decide you want a rat exterminator to come in and handle the problem for you, here’s the best best way to decide which one is best for you.

  • Contact local exterminators or pest control companies and ask for an estimate for rat removal.
  • Many companies will want to come out and do an inspection to see how bad the problem is. If they don’t, be sure to explain thoroughly the extent of the problem.

  • Think carefully about any poisons or chemicals your exterminator might want to use. Some of them can be harmful to pets and people living in your home, particularly small children. If a child or a pet comes across rat poison and it it they will be seriously ill and may die.
  • Ask your exterminator to remove any rats that die in your home from poisons. They can cause terrible odors in your home if they are left in walls or attics. Most exterminators will do this for no extra charge but if you are uncomfortable with seeing the dead bodies of rats then it is best to ask and make sure. Hopefully the exterminator will handle the whole process from start to finish.
  • Compare the price quotes and methods of 2 or 3 extermination companies. Choose the one you are comfortable with. Price quotes can vary wildly between companies so try to find a good deal and an exterminator that you feel comfortable with. This will make the process much easier.
  • Ask about guarantees and warranties. You do not want to have to call an exterminator again in a month or two if the rats return, or if turns out not all of the rats were removed from your property. Try to choose a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee so that you can get your money back if the rats are not fully taken care of. At the very least, the exterminator should come back and finish the job for no extra charge.

Rats can be very destructive so don’t delay to get them out of your home today. Call Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control for information on rat removal and for a free estimate from the best pest control company in Tampa!

Image and Article source: WikiHow