What Our Customers Say…

“The Phoenix Pest Management company is the best. After going through those Pest Chains who only do a fast so-so job, I am happy that I finally found a company that does outstanding work in keeping our house pest -free. Steve and Scott are very professional and go above and beyond in doing excellent work. They took care of my house as if it was there own. I would recommend them to anyone with an A-Plus rating. Don’t waste your time with anyone else –just call Phoenix Pest Management.”

— Mitchell Roth, Tampa, FL

“I was absolutely blown away by the fast professional services offered to me by Phoenix Pest Management and Wildlife. I called and received same day service. The materials used in my home were odorless but highly effective. I’m still sweeping up dead ants after 4 days of treatment. After moving into the house I recently purchased, there were signs of rodents. My consultation included traps as well as sealing my investment from further intrusion. Trust me, this team properly sealed my home with real building materials, and it did not include a can of form spray. Best of all, the warranty is top notch. I rarely take time to write reviews; I highly recommend their services!”

— – Linda Moore, New Port Richey, FL

“Highly recommended. If you have a pest problem these are your guys. We didn’t know what was in our attic. We kept hearing scratching noises above our bedroom, so we called Phoenix. Scott came out to the house and figured out right away we had squirrels. He checked out the attic and set up a trap to let them out, but not back in. Roof is now sealed and we are squirrel free! These guys are not only knowledgeable, they are courteous and friendly too. Thank you Phoenix Pest Management and Wildlife Control.”

— Jennifer W., Clearwater,FL

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“A pest control company that goes above and beyond . They are a company that truly cares about their customer needs. A very professional team that takes special attention to detail. Went above and beyond companies that I have used in the past. A company that does an excellent job and gives great attention to all our needs. Will recommend them to all. Thank you Phoenix for all your help!”

— Grace Roth, Tampa, FL

“Scott & the rest of the Phoenix crew have been great! My fiancé & I have been using their service for the past 2 years & couldn’t be happier. We used to get lots of spiders & palmetto bugs in the house, but thankfully no more! They are on time & courteous during each visit & I recommend them for anyone that has a current problem or who would like to prevent one!”

— Daniel & Christina Goetz, Palm Harbor, FL

“Tremendous Service and Lowest Prices Around – I honestly could not have been happier with the service I received from Phoenix Pest Management. Not only was their price significantly lower than any other competitor’s, the treatment was immediately effective and has continued to work over time. I moved into an apartment with a thick shag carpet and a horrible flea problem. I called Phoenix in the early evening and the next morning they were at my front door. They arrived right on time and were very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They gave me great advice on how to keep my apartment flea-free and things have been great since. I would absolutely recommend Phoenix Pest Management to anyone with a pest problem.”

— Jim Bodson, St. Petersburg, FL

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“Steve and Scott of Phoenix Pest Management are the perfect team to have on your side when you are faced with any kind of invasion from critters and pests of any type. Besides being absolutely competent and knowledgeable about their field they are delightful to work with. They always returned calls promptly, called before they arrived to make sure we were home, waited for us if we were delayed getting home, treated our house with respect and were as friendly and as professional as they could be. They had our critter invasion in hand in short order and were we’re so impressed by their work and demeanor that we signed up with them for regular pest control for both inside and outside the house. Their approach is friendly and no-pressure but absolutely professional. I would highly recommend Phoenix Pest Management to anyone who has a pest problem or to anyone who doesn’t ever want to have one.”

— Julie & Rob D., Dunedin, FL

“Without a doubt, the most professional, courteous and prompt business our family has ever worked with!!!! Steve and crew came out the day I called and when all was said and done – they trapped (and removed) a very large armadillo, holes were filled, and our flower beds were cleaned up…all within 24 hrs!! You could not ask for a better quality of service than what you will get with Phoenix!!”

— Colleen Fontana, Trinity, FL

“I found this company online and called in regards to a client I take care of. Steve and crew have been great! They removed a opossum and babies, as well as taking care of the rats in attic and little crawly things too. Would recommend them to anyone who is having any kind of pest problems. They sealed off the outer part of the house so nothing else is able to get in. They did a great job!!!”

— Sara Condersa, St. Petersburg, FL

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“For anyone who needs someone to remove bees and such, I would highly recommend Steve Barker from Phoenix to complete the job. He is honest and very complete in the job he is providing and has professionalism that makes you feel the job will be handled with the utmost confidence. I would hire him again should the need arise.”

— Shelly, Siesta Village Mobile Home Park, Tampa, FL

“We have been clients of Phoenix Pest Management for over five years. Our experience has been that they always arrive on time, are friendly, address any concerns that we might have, and are professional. Between scheduled visits, we can call them for any specific problems and they come at no additional charge. However, due to the fact that they are very thorough in their assessment and service, we have only called them one time in the five plus years after a very heavy rain and an ant problem. We can count on them and will continue their service. In the business world, their service is excellent with a five star rating.”

— Terrie & Wayne Pickett, Kenneth City, FL

“We spent years, and thousands of dollars, with another pest control company in an unsuccessful effort to get rid of rats in our attic. Phoenix managed to solve the problem within a few months. Phoenix found points of entry that the other company missed, and used traps and bait stations effectively. The employees were professional, thorough, pleasant, and kept appointments, and made sure we were satisfied. They have continued follow-up visits to check bait stations and old points of entry to be sure the problem does not recur. We have been extremely satisfied with the service Phoenix has provided.”

— Richard H., Clearwater, FL

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“Phoenix has been my pest control company of choice for 6 years. It was my good fortune to meet Andy that long ago and ask him to assist me with pest control in my home. He is thorough, professional, informative, courteous and punctual. Andy always shows up at the appointed day and time and I truly appreciate this. No need for calls backs and follow up. It’s done right the first time. The point of his visit, of course, is to rid our home of the inevitable pests here in Florida. He does a great job of this quickly and quietly, but his main objective is to prevent them from entering in the first place. If we find a problem developing in between scheduled visits, with a mere phone call, Andy arrives the very next day to address my concern. Quickly the critters are gone! I have total confidence in Phoenix’s ethics and ability, and highly recommend them.”

— Jean Marteski, Clearwater, FL

“We have utilized the services of Phoenix Pest Management for eleven years. The service is very professional, highly competent and extremely effective. Rodents outside are well controlled as are inside insects. If there is ever an issue between service visits, Andy comes out without hesitation. His philosophy is customer satisfaction and that it makes more sense to take care of a small problem. The primary advantage to hiring Phoenix is that you know who is coming to your house each time versus the big companies. I highly recommend Phoenix for pest control services. It is important to support local business and in this instance you can do that while obtaining the best possible service.”

— Mike & Charity Ganos, Clearwater, FL

“We have been very pleased with Andy’s service over the last 10 + years. He has helped with a tenant, who had bed bugs and insisted the apartment house was infected. Not only did Andy get rid of the bugs, but after investigating found that same tenant had brought the infested mattress in. So it wasn’t necessary to fumigate all the apartments. On another occasion we thought we had squirrels in the rafters. Andy was able to draw the duck out without doing any damage. That’s right a big duck had almost become a permanent house guest. As you can see Andy not only takes care of the regular service, but is very good at solving the bigger challenges.”

— Tom & Lupie Butler, Clearwater, FL

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“You guys do a great job….very professional. I recommend you to my friends and neighbors. Wish more Florida businesses would be as reliable as you.”

— N. Flynn, Wesley Chapel, FL

“Five stars for Phoenix!! Steve Barker has been providing pest management and wild life control services at my house for sometime now, and I claim that he is the best in the business. From removing rats from my attic to keeping insects and spiders out of my house, Steve at Phoenix has always provided superb customer service. He is quick to take a call, and he readily and efficiently accomplishes a job. His level of professionalism and knowledge are to be commended, and his prices are affordable! It truly is a pleasure doing business with Phoenix. I highly recommend Phoenix for all of your pest and wildlife control needs.”

— Jessica L., Tampa, FL

“I highly recommend! I moved into a new house that had been vacant. After being in the house for a few nights we heard noises in the attic. I called Phoenix after a friend of mine referred them to me. Andy and Steve came out to investigate the noises. Steve showed me where the critters were getting in and closed up the access points and got rid of the numerous rats in the attic. They were very professional and reasonably priced. I even hired them to take care of our routine pest control! I would highly recommend them to any one in need of pest or wildlife control.”

— Brian B., Clearwater, FL

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“I had a sugar ant problem and they came and got rid of them for me, they are very professional and I would highly recommend them for any pest you may have.”

— April S., Clearwater, FL

“Phoenix is the best……..
I called Pheonix because there was something in my attic. He came out the same day and did an inspection. He is very friendly and seems to know what he is doing. He was hired and started working that evening. It turned out we had rats and squirrels in the attic. Steve came out for many weeks every 2-3 days to check the traps at my schedule since I work. He worked hard with alot of patience. He was even great with the kids. I would highly recommend Phoenix to anyone who has a pest problem. They are honest, hardworking and trust worthy.”

— Tina & Ray, Odessa, FL

“They were very prompt and professional. The service was excellent and responsive to all of our concerns. Steve is a great guy and worked diligently until the problem was resolved. I would highly recommend this business to my friends and family.”

— Ken & Terese, Tampa, FL

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