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Rodents Are Invading My Property!

Have you noticed strange odors, holes in the walls, wire damage, furniture scratches, food tracks, and droppings in your Palm Harbor home or business? If you answered yes, you may be dealing with a rodent infestation.

Rodents carry various diseases that can pose health risks to people living or working near them. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these diseases can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with rodents, their waste, or being bitten by one.

A rodent infestation can significantly harm your property and health alike. Therefore, professional rodent removal services are crucial to ensure safety and satisfaction in your home or business.

Several Squirrels Found by Local Rodent Removal Professionals at the Basement of Palm Harbor Home
Palm Harbor Rodent Removal Expert Holding Three Kits Caught

How Do I Get Rid of The Rodents?

Dealing with a rodent infestation in your building can be stressful and complicated. Though you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands and try DIY pest control techniques, these methods can be risky and cause a trial-and-error process. Instead, why not call in the experts?

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has a team of experts who service Palm Harbor with proper rodent control methods. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect your property, use baiting techniques, and set up traps to effectively eliminate the rodents. This will alleviate your concerns and make sure your property is completely free of rodents.

Call Local Professionals!

Are you tired of dealing with a rodent infestation on your Palm Harbor property? Look no further than Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control! Our team of professionals has decades of experience conducting safe and legal rodent control procedures throughout Florida.

When you contact us, our team will arrive promptly at your property to assess the situation. We'll identify all entry points, damage, and signs of nests before setting up traps and bait in the areas with evidence of rodents.

But services continue beyond that. Additionally, we offer restoration and sanitation to restore the damage done by rodents, and we'll educate you on how to prevent future infestations. Say goodbye to rodents and hello to a pest-free property!

Rodent Removal Expert Flexing Rat He Caught in Palm Harbor Florida
New Trap Installed by Palm Harbor-based Rodent Removal Company

Enjoy & Maintain a Pest-Free Property

Once we pest-proof your Palm Harbor property by removing rodent colonies, sealing entry points, and conducting all necessary restoration and sanitation services, you'll notice a significant improvement in the cleanliness of the air and environment.

With less urine and droppings, decreased material damage, and fewer smells from dead rodents, you and your loved ones or customers will have peace of mind knowing that pest-related germs are gone. Additionally, you'll learn how to keep your property safe from pesky critters by learning several tips and tricks to keep your Palm Harbor home or business rodent-free for the future.

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“When we first bought this house there was a severe rodent problem in the attic. Phoenix Pest Control took care of it very efficiently, sanitized everything and redo my attic insulation. I was very happy with the service. The whole process was very stressful and they gave me peace of mind.” - Deborah M.

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