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Welcome To Pasco

Home to some of Florida's most beautiful nature trails and conservation camp grounds, Pasco County is the perfect blend between a metropolitan business district and rural area.

Over the last few years, Pasco has become one of the largest growing economic and residential areas within the United States. Therefore, if you have a desire to relocate your family and business here, you're definitely not alone.

But with its natural beauty and magnificent growth also comes many of its downfalls.

One of them being its wildlife.

Pest Control Company Approaching Pasco County FL
Rat Removed By Pest Control Experts in Pasco County House

Choose Your Location Wisely

Within the Pasco County region comes multiple suburban areas such as Land O Lakes, Trinity, New Port Richey, and Wesley Chapel, and all of these areas various trees, lakes, ponds, golf courses and nature trails.

While living near these beautiful amenities it's not uncommon to be adjacent to that of a few animals that may tend to overstep their boundaries into your home or business.

Thankfully, if you're a resident of this area or if you plan on relocating here, it's not the end of the world.

We Serve Pasco County

If you're interested in living and working in an area that is full of job growth, natural beauty, and nature trails but are worried about the possible insects and wildlife that inhabit the area, fret no more!

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control happily services the Pasco area.

With our skilled staff, Pasco residents can feel safe and secure in their own homes and businesses without the disruption of an animal or a pest damaging their property!

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Pasco County Woman Happy After Pest Control Expert Removed Raccoon From Her House

Enjoy The Area Without Worry

With the help from us, you'll feel great knowing that you can freely live in an up-and-coming community full of friendly people, businesses and an abundance of fun-filled family activities.

The best part is that you will not be interrupted by dangerous wildlife or pests that can invade your businesses or property.

Pasco is one of Florida's biggest economic growth areas and we don't blame you for being interested in relocating here.

Feel free to enjoy its amenities without worrying about its natural inhabitants.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Without a doubt, the most professional, courteous and prompt business our family has ever worked with!!!! Steve and crew came out the day I called and when all was said and done - they trapped (and removed) a very large armadillo, holes were filled, and our flower beds were cleaned up...all within 24 hrs!! You could not ask for a better quality of service than what you will get with Phoenix!!" — Colleen Fontana, Trinity, FL

Pasco County Pest Control Process

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3. Rest Peacefully

You have Peace of Mind Knowing the Job was Done Right & Guaranteed