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Pests Are Taking Over Your Safety Harbor Property

Located on the west shore of Tampa Bay, Safety Harbor is a popular destination for Floridians and tourists to explore and soak up the sun. However, like all other areas in Florida, many outdoor areas are inhabited by various species of wildlife and insects.

As people, we often desire to coexist with Florida's wildlife, however, when they cross their boundaries and invade our homes, we are defensive. These pests invite themselves into our property due to the state's hot and humid climates and often seek shelter, food, and water. Although, there are ways to protect your Safety Harbor property from pests without harming these creatures.

Mice Holes in Safety Harbor House Found By Pest Control Experts
Pest Control Expert Holding a Mouse Removed from Safety Harbor House

It's Time To Hire A Professional

It's common for most home and business owners to handle pests using temporary methods such as insecticides or other chemicals. However, this isn't useful for all pests and it doesn't rid them for good.

Getting rid of pests is an extensive process. After the wildlife or insects are removed, there is a protocol to follow to ensure that your Safety Harbor property is protected.

If you're tired of constantly removing wildlife and pests from your property, it may be time to hire a professional pest control company for assistance.

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Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has a team of experienced professionals that are equipped in safely conducting pest control services throughout Safety Harbor. We can handle everything from various species of wildlife, spiders, birds, cockroaches, snakes, silverfish, and many more.

In addition to removing pests, we'll fully analyze your Safety Harbor property to discover all entry points, holes, or damaged areas to help you to prevent future pest invasions.

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Find Peace With Safety Harbor Wildlife

Once all pests have been safely and legally removed from your Safety Harbor property, you'll learn to love where you live and enjoy life in harmony with the wildlife around you.

In addition, all damage caused by pests will be repaired and you'll know precisely how to handle future pest invasions. However, if you do run into trouble again, you'll have peace of mind knowing that we'll always come out to assist.

If you're in need of pest control, call Phoenix Pest Management and Wildlife Control at (813)-778-4181.

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“Phoenix provided professional services. They communicated expectations and always arrived on time. They went out of their way to explain everything that had to be done and went above and beyond. Highly recommend their services.” - Anne H.

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