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Why Are Squirrels in Your Property?

Living or working in Oldsmar means you're no stranger to the abundant wildlife surrounding you, including birds, deer, and squirrels. However, squirrels can become a problem if they venture onto your property. Despite their entertainment, these pesky creatures can cause significant property damage once they invade your home or business.

Florida is home to several species of squirrels, including the Eastern Gray Squirrel, Southern Flying Squirrel, and the Fox Squirrel. And due to the state's hot climate, they may seek shelter in your home and may be attracted to food or water left on your property. So, if you hear odd, loud, or frequent scratching noises, notice foul smells, find squirrel urine and droppings in your attic or property, see indoor or roofline damage, or spot signs of nests, a squirrel has likely made its way into your property.

Squirrels may exhibit territorial and aggressive behaviors, wreaking havoc upon your home or business. Additionally, they may spread disgusting diseases. So, it's crucial to address the problem promptly.

Small Squirrels Caught in an Oldsmar House by Squirrel Removal Professionals
Squirrel Caught in Trap Set Up by Squirrel Removal Company Serving Oldsmar FL and Nearby Cities

You Need a Squirrel Removal

If you notice any signs of a squirrel invasion in your Oldsmar home or business, it may be because something like dark hiding spots, food, or water has attracted them there. Although these creatures may seem harmless from a distance, squirrels can become aggressive when provoked and severely harm people.

If you find that squirrels have taken over your home or business, there is no need to panic. While it may be tempting to handle the situation yourself, contacting a professional to address the problem is highly recommended. Squirrels may seem harmless, but can be territorial and aggressive when threatened. So, pest control experts have the necessary expertise and knowledge to humanely relocate all pests to a more suitable habitat while preventing any harm to humans and squirrels alike.

We Can Help You!

If you require a dependable and efficient squirrel removal service for your Oldsmar or Land O' Lakes property, look no further than Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control. Our experts are equipped to perform squirrel removal procedures for both residential and commercial properties.

We understand the squirrel species in your area, ranging from the eastern gray squirrel to flying squirrels or fox squirrels. Once at your home or business, our experts will identify the causes of your squirrel invasion, locate the entry points, install traps, and relocate the squirrels back to their rightful habitat.

Besides squirrel removal, we also offer sanitation and restoration services if the squirrels have caused any damage or spread bacteria. We will handle all the heavy lifting so you can sit back and relax during the entire process.

Contact us today, and we will assess your property, set up squirrel traps, relocate the animals, and provide you with tips on preventive measures. With Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control, you can rest easy knowing you'll receive a top-quality squirrel removal service that is both legal and safe.

Proud Squirrel Removal Expert Flexing Squirrel He Caught in Oldsmar Florida
Pest Control Expert Posing with Oldsmar FL Grandma and Squirrel Removed from Her Home

No More Squirrels to Worry About

The experts at Phoenix Pest Control & Wildlife Management will safely remove any invading squirrels from your property and inform you of what attracted them in the first place so you can take preventive measures to ensure they stay in their natural habitat. As a result, you'll have less damage to your property, fewer nesting spots, and no droppings in your attic.

After the squirrel removal procedure, we will relocate the squirrels to their natural habitat, away from your property. And suppose you opt for our sanitation and restoration services. In that case, we will immediately repair any damages caused by the squirrels, restoring your home or business to its former glory.

If wild animals infest your home or business again, our team will be ready to assist you. With our help, you, your family, and your clients can rest assured that you are safe and sound. You can now peacefully coexist with these creatures from within the safety of your secure and fresh building.

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“Excellent service and company. I have used this company since we moved to Florida 3 years ago. They sealed my attic for me as there was evidence of squirrels; and I haven’t had a problem since. Scott is amazing and very courteous. He’s always on time and has no problem stopping by in between services if I have a concern. He takes care of both inside and outside of my home including rodent boxes outside as I live behind farmers fields and I have never had a problem. I highly recommend this company as they give great service. A++++” - Catriona I.

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