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Squirrels Have Invaded!

What’s that scratching sound? What’s that overpowering smell? Is that a hole in the wall? Oh, no. These telltale signs can only mean one thing—squirrels have invaded.

No matter how hard you try, homemade traps and messy bait haven’t worked, and now your problem is bigger than before. No doubt there's a nest somewhere on your St Petersburg property, and who knows how fast they’re reproducing?

When squirrels step foot (or paw) onto your home or business, they immediately transform from cuddly wildlife to dangerous creatures, carrying over two hundred pathogens. But what can you do about it?

St Petersburg Squirrel Removal Expert Holding Small Squirrels He Caught
Squirrel Caught in Trap Set Up by Squirrel Removal Company Serving St Petersburg Florida

It’s Time to Act Fast

If you don’t act now, your squirrel infestation will only compound as they continue to multiply and cause problems, like fire hazards and horrible, pungent smells. DIY tactics haven't worked, and time is running out. However, no matter how big or small the colony, killing them is not an option.

There has to be a humane and efficient way to take care of the problem, but it’s well beyond your ability as a Florida home or business owner. Can anyone in St. Petersburg help you out with safe and legal squirrel removal?

We Specialize in Humane Squirrel Relocation

The answer is yes! Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control is here for you.

Once you call for a squirrel removal, our experts will promptly arrive at your home or business in St Petersburg. From there, they humanely remove squirrels from your property and relocate them back into their natural habitat. The professional pest control technicians, each background-checked, use proper equipment to find squirrel nests and trap live squirrels as well.

With decades of experience, services from Phoenix are the quickest and most humane way to round up and relocate these squirrels.

Proud Squirrel Removal Expert Flexing Squirrel He Caught from St Petersburg House
Pest Control Expert Posing with St Petersburg Grandma and Squirrel Removed from Her Home

A Fresh Home for You and the Squirrels

Give us a call for a free quote and to book a time to inspect your property. Our keen eye for detail will find the damages to your home or business and how the squirrels are getting in and out. We’ll seal up any holes, set traps with bait, and safely capture the squirrels alive to then be transported and released back into the wild.

If your property has been damaged structurally or been made unsanitary by squirrel waste, we also offer proper sanitation and restoration services upon request. Call us today and take care of your headache once and for all.

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“I have 2 homes I use these guys for and they are awesome! Had them for over 8 years and NEVER an issue! They are the best and I definitely recommend!” - Laura S.

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