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Safe Rat Control & Extermination

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has an integrated pest management philosophy that emphasizes rodent exclusion (rat proofing), habitat modification, rat trapping and elimination. We specialize in using safe, non-toxic techniques for rat removal and extermination.

Keeping rats and mice out of your home is important for the hygiene of your home and the safety of your family. Rats continually gnaw to keep their teeth filed down. When they are living in your attic, they often gnaw on your electrical wires and duct work, causing significant damage as well as a fire hazard. Their urine and droppings carry diseases and viruses that can spread to you and your family.

Rodent Control and Exclusion Tampa Bay

Exclusion is the only effective solution to control rats and mice populations and keep them from coming back. Simply killing the rats is never permanent, unless you also prevent new rats from getting in.

Non-toxic rat exclusion and trapping provides the most effective, long-term control for rats and mice. When rodents are trapped they can’t wander off to die inside walls and other hidden spaces. Instead, they are promptly removed from your home.

We seal all areas where
wildlife can enter your home.

Our Guarantee

We not only remove your unwanted invaders, we repair any damage they have caused and perform the necessary exclusionary pest control service to guarantee that they will not come back! We guarantee all of our rat removal and exclusion services with one of the best warranties in the business.

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Three Things You Should NOT Do To Get Rid of Rats:

  1. Don’t spread poisons in the attic or around the house.
  2. Don’t set traps, catch a few and then hope they will stay out.
  3. Don’t hire a company that sees rat control as a chemical job or who rely on poisons to exterminate existing animals but do not control re-entry.

Most people associate rats with a home that is unclean. The truth is, they don’t care how nice or how clean your home is. If they find a way in, now it’s their home too. Most importantly, as the rats make their way in and out of their points of entry, the grease rubs off of their fur and leaves behind a pheromone scent. This will alert others that they are there.

Our Process for Removing Rats

  1. The home is sealed up (Rat-Proofed) so that no new rats will get in.
  2. Rats are trapped and removed during a follow-up process until we are confident that all invading animals are gone.
  3. We decontaminate and deodorize the attic space to disinfect and kill bacteria and germs. We also dust the attic to kill any fleas, ticks and other parasites left behind.
  4. Complete attic restoration is an option that is sometimes necessary depending on the conditions.

Rats will continue to revisit those areas of your home knowing others have been there and, if there is still a way in, they will find it. The scent can last for several years.

We stand behind our work with one of the best warranties in the business.

Only technicians who are skilled in trapping rodents and closing their entry access can permanently rid your home or business of a persistent rat problem.Call us today for a free home or business inspection and we will give you the best options for your situation. All wildlife removal should only be done by licensed and trained experts.


Five stars for Phoenix!! Steve Barker has been providing pest management and wild life control services at my house for sometime now, and I claim that he is the best in the business.

— Jessica L., Tampa, FL

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