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Can’t Handle Those Annoying Pests

The city of Clearwater is known for many things: the best beach in the nation, being the home of the famous prosthetic dolphin, Winter, hot summers, and many species of insects and wildlife. Out of all of these, insects and wildlife can become a nuisance to our lives if they decide to invade our homes and become destructive, thus making them pests.

Insects are prevalent all over the state of Florida, however, harsh conditions and unpredictable weather in the state can cause them to seek areas with food, shelter, and moisture. Unfortunately, these areas tend to be our homes. When they invade our homes, they procreate, and before we know it, our property is home to unwanted company.

Two Mouse Found by Clearwater Pest Control Experts
Squirrels Discovered By Pest Control Company in Clearwater Attic

Pest Control Is The Best Option!

If you live in the Clearwater area and can relate to this issue, you’re not alone. The state of Florida is ranked as a top U.S. state with the most reported pest infestations by homeowners. However, dealing with pests doesn’t have to be difficult.

Most homeowners, business owners, and property managers attempt to combat pests by utilizing special sprays. While this method may work temporarily, it will not completely stop the issue. The most effective way to protect your Clearwater home or business from pests is to hire a professional pest control company. A pest control company can exterminate or remove any animal or insects that threaten your property.

We Provide Pest Control Services to Clearwater!

Phoenix Pest Management and Wildlife Control has a team of professionals who are experienced in handling a variety of pests in the Clearwater area. If you’re frequently dealing with cases of pests or wildlife intruding on your property, we have the right answers to help stop the problem once and for all.

With our experience, you’ll feel at peace knowing that you, your family, your business, and your property are in good hands. In addition, you’ll learn exactly what needs to be done to handle your unwanted company safely and efficiently.

Pest Control Expert Holding Snake He Removed From a House in Clearwater, FL
Clearwater Couple Posing With Pest Control Expert Who Removed Unwanted Animals in Their Home

Enjoy A Pest-Free Property And The Beauty of Clearwater!

After we eliminate the pests on your property, you’ll finally have a pest-free Clearwater home or business. Plus, you’ll know exactly how to maintain the property to ensure that the pests stay away.

You can finally allow yourself to enjoy the beauty that Clearwater has to offer and feel proud of where you live while now coexisting peacefully with its natural wildlife.

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“Before Phoenix, I had gone through and tried to use 2-3 other companies who all unfortunately came up short in one way or another. Not Phoenix though! Thank goodness I found these guys, they’re everything you’d hope to get from a service company: customer oriented, quick, cooperative, kind, professional, effective, the list goes on. I of course would recommend them to whoever asked me and in fact did (who I referred Phoenix to is also now a happy customer, by the way). Thank you for the continued great service guys! :)” - Alex C.

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