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Finding Rodents in Your Property?

Have you discovered rodents in your New Port Richey home or business? Health, safety, and comfort are a concern as you wonder how to get rid of them.

  • "What are they doing on my property?"
  • "How did they get in?"
  • "Why won't my methods work?"
  • "How can I effectively get rid of them?"

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rodents such as rats and mice can cause hazards to you and your family or guests. These hazards include diseases, toxins (from dead or decomposing rodents), and the spread of various bacteria.

What can be done to safely and legally banish them from your property?

Squirrels Found by Rodent Removal Experts in a Basement in New Port Richey, Florida
Small Squirrels From New Port Richey Home Held by Rodent Removal Professionals

Call For Help!

In Florida, it's common for rodents to seek warm and dark places to nest. As a result, they may cross boundaries into your New Port Richey home or business.

If you're dealing with a rodent invasion on your property, don't wait. It's highly recommended that you reach out to a rodent removal professional.

A rodent control professional understands how to use the correct chemicals without risk to you, your family, or your clients. In addition, expert methods can provide a quicker and more effective result and prevent rodents from returning.

Our Professionals Are on the Job!

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has a team of qualified rodent removal technicians to perform rodent removal for your New Port Richey property, returning the unharmed animals to their rightful homes.

Our team has experience in dealing with multiple species of rodents, including squirrels and mice. Instead of eliminating them, we conduct procedures to trap and remove them. Afterward, if the client requests it, we also offer restoration services for all damages that may have occurred.

New Port Richey Rodent Removal Expert Showing Rat He Caged
Trap Set Up by Rodent Removal Experts at New Port Richey House's Roof

Keep Rodents Away

After we assess your New Port Richey home or business and conduct all necessary rodent removal procedures, you'll notice an immediate difference in your property.

The droppings will significantly disappear, and the air will smell fresher, providing a cleaner and less toxic environment for you, your family, and your clients. Rodent noises and messes will vanish. In addition, we'll show you all entry points where they may have entered your home and provide advice on preventing rodent invasions in the future. You'll keep rodents away and finally have your New Port Richey property to yourself again!

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“Scott is the best!!!!!!!! Best experience getting rid of rodents in roof :)” - Courtney B.

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