Shoo Away the Raccoons

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They Linger Everywhere

These creatures may find a home in your attic, the backyard, the trash, the garage, crawl spaces, culverts, abandoned vehicles, your boats or even your commercial buildings.

Raccoons are one of the most common pests that inhabit that state of Florida and we have experienced many individuals who have had difficulties controlling their whereabouts.

Have you found any lingering about on your property?

Raccoon Footprints Discovered By Tarpon Springs Animal Removal Professionals
Two Raccoons Removed from Tarpon Springs FL Backyard

How Did They Get Here?

You're probably wondering why they targeted your home in the first place...

The answer is simple: Raccoons often den in the spring for their young and to do this they need dark, warm spaces. In this case, your attic, garage or small spaces within your home are the perfect areas for this.

If you have them in or around your property we highly advise that you don't try to handle this issue on your own. These nocturnal creatures can be very aggressive if threatened and carry various diseases.

How Do You Get Them Out?

Getting them out is a lot more difficult than them getting in, due to the extremely mischievous behaviors of these curious mammals.

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control is skilled in entrapping, capturing and removing raccoons away from your home and business.

Because these creatures are so prevalent in the state of Florida, we have an abundance of experience with dealing with them. Our experts know their exact behaviors and can handle them accordingly.

Tarpons Springs Couple Satisfied After Expert Removed Raccoons From Their House
Tarpons Springs Man Happy Over Expert's Removal of Raccoon From His Home

Know How To Keep Them Out

Females raise their young alone and a typical litter is about 3 to 5 kits. These kits will forever call your home theirs as they are unfamiliar with no other territory. What's worse is that even after their mother abandons them, the kits will become adults and have litters of their own.

Therefore, removing them immediately is the only option that will prevent this issue from occurring. Luckily, we provide the right type of animal proofing to prevent raccoons from entering into your home or business once more.

With our expertise and our proper tools, you'll understand all of the precautions to take in order to keep these animals out of your home or business.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"We have been very pleased with Andy's service over the last 10 + years. He has helped with a tenant, who had bed bugs and insisted the apartment house was infected. Not only did Andy get rid of the bugs, but after investigating found that same tenant had brought the infested mattress in. So it wasn't necessary to fumigate all the apartments. On another occasion we thought we had squirrels in the rafters. Andy was able to draw the duck out without doing any damage. That's right a big duck had almost become a permanent house guest. As you can see Andy not only takes care of the regular service, but is very good at solving the bigger challenges." — Tom & Lupie Butler, Clearwater, FL

Raccoon Removal Tarpon Springs Process

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