Too Many Squirrels?

It's Time To Reclaim Your Property With Some Help From Tampa Bay's Top Pest Control Company


They're Cute Yet Vicious

Have you ever taken a stroll through the park or looked outside of your window to find squirrels chewing on nuts or climbing tree branches?

This is a normal occurrence as these animals normally will try to steer clear of humans at every opportunity.

Some of us even find these creatures to be adorable little fuzz balls.

But looks can be deceiving...

Small Quirrels Removed By Experts From Tarpon Springs Property
Squirrels Caught By Animal Removal Experts In Tarpon Springs FL Home

They've Crossed Their Boundaries

Normally humans don't feel threatened by squirrels, however when they cross their boundaries, this can lead to a different story.

During most times of the year, squirrels will enter homes or attics through an existing hole or even chew their way in through the vents, causing damage. You'll likely see this happen during the winter seasons as squirrels need warmth for hibernation or protection from the cold.

If you find that you have a squirrel invasion, be careful. Squirrels are territorial and become aggressive when they feel their young or their territory is threatened by a predator or another squirrel.

If you wish to handle these animals without the risks of an attack, then its best to take a safer route.

We'll Help You Chase Them Out

A lot of damage can come as a result to a squirrel invasion such as:

  • Damaged Insulation
  • Strong Odor
  • Chewed Walls
  • Chewed Wiring
  • Fire Hazards

In order to prevent these damages, you'll need to take the proper steps for the safety of you, your family or your business.

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control is specially trained in handling all types of rodents; squirrels included! We can remove the squirrels from all areas of your home or business and provide warranty and prevention plan to ensure your property is 100% squirrel-proofed.

Squirrel Removal Expert Holding Squirrel He Removed From Tarpon Springs Structure
Tarpon Springs Granda Happy Over Squirrel Removal From Her Home

You'll Have Your Property Back

We know how to safely capture and relocate squirrels back into their treetops. Meanwhile, you will have your home or business back, safe and sound.

Simultaneously, you'll also have the necessary repairs done to ensure your security within your home or business.

The only places you'll ever see a squirrel again is within your local parks, sidewalks or backyard, and those are the areas where we enjoy seeing them!

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Highly recommended. If you have a pest problem these are your guys. We didn't know what was in our attic. We kept hearing scratching noises above our bedroom, so we called Phoenix. Scott came out to the house and figured out right away we had squirrels. He checked out the attic and set up a trap to let them out, but not back in. Roof is now sealed and we are squirrel free! These guys are not only knowledgeable, they are courteous and friendly too. Thank you Phoenix Pest Management and Wildlife Control." — Jennifer Clearwater, FL

Squirrel Removal Tarpon Springs Process

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2. Unwanted Pest(s) Removed

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3. Rest Peacefully

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