Stop The Wasps

Find Out How You Can Protect Yourself And Your Property From These Pesky Insects


Don't Bug Them

Whether you are a longtime Floridian or have just moved here, chances are you often will have encountered this insect when you walk outside your house.

Much like bees, wasps build nests and sometimes the nests they build can be near or inside your own home or business.

Unlike bees, wasps can be much more aggressive in nature. They also have a stinger that can pose a threat to you, your family, or customers.

So when you notice wasps flying around frequently or see nests around or inside your property, how should you handle it?

Yellow Wasps Found by Wasp Removal Experts Inside Tarpon Springs Home
Tarpon Springs Wasp Removal Expert Exterminating Wasp Nest

Think About The Source

Before you think about exterminating wasps, think about why they decided to nest in your home.

What brought them here?

According to many sources, wasps generally choose to nest in our homes due to food and outside climate.

If you find them nesting inside, it's best to find out how they were able to enter the structure.

Once these access points are located, the next step is to prevent the issue from reoccurring while subsequently dealing with the current infestation.

We'll Exterminate All Wasps

At Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control, we're proud to say that we have the knowledge and the tools to safely eliminate all wasps and nests from your property.

These insects can be unpredictable in behavior, and if they feel threatened they will attack, which is why it's best to call for help from those who have the safety gear and training to properly perform the task.

Ongoing Wasp Removal In Tarpon Springs Pinellas County Home
Tarpon Springs Pest Control Professional Holding Removed Wasp Nest

Keep Them Out For Good

Once the wasps are out, the job isn't completely over. Like all pests, they have the potential to return.

That's why we'll help you figure out the root cause of the issue and provide guidance so that the likelihood of future issues is greatly minimized.

You, your family and your business will no longer feel threatened by these feisty insects and you won't have to worry constantly about the possibility of being stung.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Without a doubt, the most professional, courteous and prompt business our family has ever worked with!!!! Steve and crew came out the day I called and when all was said and done - they trapped (and removed) a very large armadillo, holes were filled, and our flower beds were cleaned up...all within 24 hrs!! You could not ask for a better quality of service than what you will get with Phoenix!!" — Colleen Fontana, Trinity, FL

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