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Rodents Are Running Amuck

If you have discovered signs of a rodent invasion in your Pinellas Park home or business, it's crucial to act fast. Rodents carry a lot of diseases and bacteria that can pose a direct threat to your health. Rodent infestations can be overwhelming for homeowners, tenants, landlords, or business owners, so it's best to find a legal and effective way to remove the pests as soon as possible.

Some signs of a rodent invasion include nests, the smell of urine or droppings, gnawed holes in wiring, walls, or furniture, strange noises, and your pets behaving abnormally. Rodents can expose humans to dangerous pathogens and increase the risk of illnesses such as rat-bite fever. Diseases from rodents can spread through eating contaminated food or water, wounds, or breathing in germs from rodent urine or droppings.

It's understandable to feel frustrated and anxious if you can't get rid of rodents immediately, but the best course of action is contacting a professional pest control expert to handle the job. They have the knowledge and tools to remove the pests safely and effectively without placing you, your family, or your clients at risk.

Several Squirrels Found by Rodent Removal Professionals in Pinellas Park Home's Basement
Small Squirrels on the Hand of Pinellas Park Rodent Removal Expert

It's Time to Remove Them

Three main types of rodents call the state of Florida home: the Norway rat, the roof rat, and the wood rat. Due to Florida's humid weather conditions, it's common for rodent colonies to find shelter in cool, dark, and cluttered areas. These types of places, which typically include attics, are prime nesting grounds for pests. Additionally, rodents are attracted to areas with moisture and leave out food waste.

Suppose a rodent colony has crossed boundaries into your Pinellas Park home or business. In that case, it's in your best interest to remove them as safely and effectively as possible. This may require you to contact a professional pest control expert to conduct a rodent removal procedure.

Our Team Will Capture Them

If rodents have invaded your home or business, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control is here to help! Phoenix has a team of background-checked and experienced rodent removal professionals who can conduct safe trapping methods to capture and remove rodents from your property.

With our assistance, we'll thoroughly analyze the entire home or business for small holes, entry points, and damaged areas to find where they are coming from. This will help us set traps in the right places to capture and remove them quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, if your Pinellas Park home or business suffered damage, we offer restoration and sanitation services upon request.

Pest Control Expert Flexing Rodent He Removed from Pinellas Park Home
Trap Set Up by Rodent Removal Company Serving Pinellas Park and Nearby Areas in Florida

Say Goodbye to Rodents!

Phoenix Pest understands how distressing it can be to have rodents running around your Pinellas Park home or business. But don't worry. Our rodent removal procedure is here to save the day!

Once we've completed the work, you can rest assured that your property will be entirely yours again. No need to stress about potential health risks to your loved ones or clients. And that's not all - we'll also provide tips to keep these pesky critters at bay for good.

However, seeing rodents around is a common issue for Florida homeowners. So, if they do make a comeback, our team is always ready to return and make things right. After all, your peace of mind is our top priority!

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“Awesome company and awesome people! They did an outstanding job at ridding my grandma's house of rodents! She lives in an old mobile home and Phoenix spent several hours sealing all holes and openings around the outside and underneath of her mobile home and continued to come out everytime we called! Very nice people work there!” - Katrina W.

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