Bat Removal

Humane Bat Removal Service Tampa Bay

If you’re wondering know how to get rid of bats in your house, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control provides a professional and humane bat removal service. Bats are beneficial animals which can consume up to 1000 mosquitoes each per night, providing a large portion of the world’s natural pest control. However, if these creatures of the night find a way into your home, they can become a real life horror show.

While bats are incredibly beneficial animals in the wild, they are one of the most common carriers of diseases such as rabies, and their Guano (feces) which accumulates in attics, can cause respiratory illnesses such as Histoplasmosis. The accumulation of their guano causes an enormous amount of mess as well as a huge health hazard for you and your family.

Bats are a protected species and it is against the law to exterminate them.

There is also a breeding season from April 1st thru August 15th where it is unlawful to even remove them from your residence, as their young are not able to fly. They will die inside if you let out the adults and then seal up the entryway.

Humane Treatment

Our bat removal procedure is endorsed by the Bat Conservation International organization as a humane way to remove bat colonies.

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Bat Control and Exclusion

If you suspect that you have a bat colony living with you, a certified bat control and exclusion professional should be called. Bat exclusion involves permanently sealing off ALL entry points that the bats can use to regain entry. This requires an in-depth inspection, and finding and repairing all cracks, crevices and holes larger than 1/4″.

Many companies that provide a bat elimination service use foam in a can to seal entry points. This method reduces labor costs, although the end result is often an unsightly job and the foam can breakdown quickly allowing access for the bats to return.

This will often occur 2 or 3 years later, once your warranty with that other company has expired. We use high quality materials which results in a clean professional job.

Our Five Step Live Process for Removing Bats:

1. We seal every possible entry point on the exterior of the structure larger than 1/4 inch. If you don’t close up the rest of the home it is entirely possible the bats will re-enter somewhere else.

2. We install a one-way door to safely and humanely allow the bats to leave, but not regain entry. This stays in place until all the bats have left.

3. The final areas of entry are permanently sealed up using the highest quality materials resulting in a permanent solution.

4. Guano is removed and treated as the hazardous material that it is. Attic space is decontaminated and sanitized.

5. Complete attic restoration is usually but not always necessary. Completely remove all old contaminated insulation and the installation of all new insulation.

Followed by one of the best warranties in the business.

Homeowners Insurance

Your homeowners insurance may cover you for bat infestation, we will assist you with this entire process to help get your costs covered.

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