Evict The Bats

Take Them Out of Your Home Before It's Too Late


Be Cautious

When it comes to bats, sometimes it's difficult to know whether or not your home or business has been taken over.

Bats are not creatures that you would want hanging around your property. While they are extremely beneficial in the wild, dealing with them can be very scary as they carry diseases such as rabies and can pose many medical hazards such as Histoplasmosis; a respiratory illness that can develop due to a buildup of their feces.

Unfortunately, bats are very hard to detect until it's too late and they have built their nest inside your attic.

If you feel that you have an infestation, keep your ears and eyes opened.

Bat Removed by Pest Control Company in Tarpon Springs Home
Tarpon Springs Bat-infested Attic Undergoing Bat Removal

How Can You Find Them?

Some signs of a bat infestation include dung on the walls or ceilings, open entries, and their sounds.

Bats are vocal nocturnal animals, so if you have an infestation, the chances of you hearing them will most likely take place during the late hours of the night.

The moment that you do officially discover them, do not be afraid and keep calm. Exterminating these creatures is against the law. Instead, contact your local bat removal specialist for help.

Battle the Bats Safely

While excluding bats from your home or business, we ensure to investigate all areas that they use to gain entry that is larger than 1/4 inch by sealing them to guarantee that they will not return.

Next, a one-way door is installed so that the bats have a way out. This will ensure that they can humanely leave the premises.

With our tools, expertise and experience, the bats will successfully be removed from your structure.

Bat Removal Expert Putting Security Nets on Tarpon Springs House
Wildlife Removal Professional Holding Bat Removed From Tarpon Springs Attic

Remove The Bats And Restore Your Property

The experts at Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control will successfully remove all bats and their colonies safely and humanely to ensure that you, your family and your business are no longer at risk.

After following through with each necessary procedure, we will treat and sanitize the attic space. If necessary and possible, our guano removal service will be offered as well.

Your attic will be as good as new and no longer be the home to unwanted visitors.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"We spent years, and thousands of dollars, with another pest control company in an unsuccessful effort to get rid of rats in our attic. Phoenix managed to solve the problem within a few months. Phoenix found points of entry that the other company missed, and used traps and bait stations effectively. The employees were professional, thorough, pleasant, and kept appointments, and made sure we were satisfied. They have continued follow-up visits to check bait stations and old points of entry to be sure the problem does not recur. We have been extremely satisfied with the service Phoenix has provided." — Richard H., Clearwater, FL

3 Steps To Bat Removal Tarpon Springs

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2. Unwanted Pest(s) Removed

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3. Rest Peacefully

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