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Have Squirrels Taken Your Space?

Florida is home to a variety of squirrel species, including the Eastern Gray squirrel, the Southern Flying squirrel, and the Sherman Fox squirrel. These squirrels typically live in neighborhood oak trees, wooded areas, and conservation areas.

However, if you've been hearing strange scratching sounds from your property's attic, noticed unexplained damage to your walls or furniture, or found squirrel droppings, urine, or nests throughout your home or business, squirrels have likely infiltrated your property.

Feeling anxious and panicked by this realization is natural. Squirrels are highly territorial and can cause significant damage to your Treasure Island property. So, how can you remove them without risking the safety of your loved ones or clients?

Treasure Island Squirrel Removal Professional Holding Three Small Squirrels
Big Squirrel Caught in a Trap Setup by Treasure Island-based Squirrel Removal Company

Contact a Squirrel Removal Expert

Attempting to remove squirrels without proper training can be not just risky but potentially harmful to yourself or others on your property. This is a serious concern for your safety, which is why contacting a squirrel removal expert is not just a good idea, but essential.

While you may be considering tackling the task yourself to cut costs, it's crucial to understand that squirrels can be aggressive if provoked. This urgency stresses the importance of wildlife removal professionals, who can swiftly and effectively address the situation, identify all entry points, assess all damage, and understand why squirrels targeted your Treasure Island home or business in the first place.

Our Experts Can Help!

At Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control, our team of highly skilled professionals is committed to delivering safe and effective squirrel removal services. We cater to the needs of both residents and business owners in Treasure Island, ensuring a pest-free environment.

At Phoenix, we prioritize humane and efficient trapping methods to safely relocate them from your property back to their natural habitat. In case of damage caused by the squirrels, we also provide restoration and sanitation services upon request.

Pest Control Professional Flexing Squirrel He Removed from Treasure Island Property
Scared Grandma and Pest Control Expert Holding Squirrel He Removed from Her House in Treasure Island FL

Restore Your Property to its Former Glory

Upon our arrival at your Treasure Island property, we will carefully assess all entry points and factors that may have attracted squirrels in the first place. Additionally, you'll receive easy-to-follow advice on how to prevent their return for good.

Once the squirrels are safely relocated, your Treasure Island property will officially be restored to a normal state. Meanwhile, the squirrels can freely roam in an environment they know well.

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“I’ve been using Phoenix for probably eight years now. It started with squirrels that got in my attic and I didn’t want to kill them so I called Phoenix and they came and very safely removed them. No one lost their lives. I continued with them with pest control both inside and out ever since. Only twice can I remember seeing a critter before the next service. I called and they sent *** out right away. Safe again. Thank you Phoenix Pest & Wildlife!” - Cindy B.

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