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Squirrels Are Invading Your Property

It can be enjoyable to watch squirrels hunt for nuts or climb trees in the yard, however, when they cross their boundaries, those adorable animals can become a nuisance. 

When squirrels invade your New Port Richey home or business, some of the first signs of their presence are scratching or scurrying sounds through the walls, droppings on your floors or in your attic, damage to your property's interior and exterior, or even respiratory problems. 

Are squirrels taking over your New Port Richey property?

Small Squirrels From New Port Richey Home Held by Squirrel Removal Experts
Squirrel Caught in the Trap Set Up by Squirrel Removal Experts Serving New Port Richey, FL

It's Time for a Squirrel Removal

Squirrels may seem harmless, but they can be extremely aggressive when provoked. In addition, they carry various diseases and bacteria. Therefore, if you're dealing with a squirrel invasion in your New Port Richey property, don't hesitate to call a professional for safe and legal removal.

A professional has the proper traps and techniques to safely remove the squirrel(s) from your property. Additionally, they can also determine the entry points of your property and why the pests are attracted to it.

Our Team is on the Job!

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has a team of professional pest control experts skilled in conducting safe and legal squirrel removal for your New Port Richey property.

Our traps and removal methods will have the squirrels back in their habitat unharmed. In addition, we can provide property damage restoration services on request. 

As a result, you'll discover why squirrels chose your home or business, where they entered the building, and how to prevent invasions in the future.

New Port Richey-based Squirrel Removal Expert Holding Squirrel He Caught
Squirrel Removal Professional Holding Squirrel He Caught from a New Port Richey Grandma's House

Enjoy Squirrels From Their Rightful Place

Following your squirrel removal for your New Port Richey property, you'll learn what needs to be done to ensure they stay away so you can properly enjoy your family life or please your clients at no harm to the squirrels.

As long as squirrels remain in their natural habitats, we can continue to watch them hunt for nuts and climb trees.

The best part is that all damages and squirrel droppings will be removed at an affordable rate, and you can finally have your property back.

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“Excellent service and company. I have used this company since we moved to Florida 3 years ago. They sealed my attic for me as there was evidence of squirrels; and I haven’t had a problem since. Scott is amazing and very courteous. He’s always on time and has no problem stopping by in between services if I have a concern. He takes care of both inside and outside of my home including rodent boxes outside as I live behind farmers fields and I have never had a problem. I highly recommend this company as they give great service. A++++” - Catriona I.

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