Don't Let Them Slither In

Protect Your Homes And Businesses From All Types of Snake Species


Watch Where You Step

Do you own a garden? A pool? Or do you live adjacent to a lake?

Do you own an outdoor restaurant or harvest plants and fresh fruits and vegetables for a living?

Have you ever felt a little anxious walking around in grass while trying to accomplish simple things around the house?

Why? What are you afraid of stepping on?

We know what you're afraid of... those sneaky Florida snakes.

Snake Caught By Animal Removal Experts Near Tarpon Springs Pool
Wildlife Removal Expert Showing Snake He Caught in Tarpon Springs Backyard

Don't Let Them Slip Inside

There are 44 species of snakes in the state of Florida, and fortunately only 6 out of the 44 are actually venomous. However, most of us normally don't stop to think which ones carry poison and which ones do not. We tend to just avoid all of them.

However, they're hard to avoid when their habitat is adjacent to our homes or businesses. It's even worse when they cross their boundaries and make their way into our gardens, our pipes, attics, and pools.

So if they happen to slip into your premise, what do you do?

Show Them The Door

Snakes are very misunderstood creatures. 99% of the ones that will likely invade homes are pretty harmless and often try to slither out of sight.

If you see one anywhere in your home, patio or even vehicle, don't be afraid and don't try to harm them. Just call an expert to help them relocate to their proper habitat.

Experts at Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control are extremely skilled and trained in handling these reptiles properly. We will happily assist you with removing any or all snakes from your property into their own natural habitat.

Truck of Pest Control Company Offering Snake Removal Services in Tarpon Springs FL
Tarpon Springs Animal Removal Professional Showing Off Caught Snake

Walk Anywhere Without Worry

Snakes are capable of getting anywhere from our cars, our houses, our businesses, our gardens and our pools.

However, once we assist you in capturing them, releasing them into their rightful habitats, repairing any damage and providing the right prevention plan to keep them from coming back, you'll feel relieved that you can freely walk anywhere without stepping on a snake.

You'll feel more comfortable with your own property and you'll feel better knowing that you, your family and your business are safe from these pesky reptiles.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"l highly recommend! I moved into a new house that had been vacant. After being in the house for a few nights we heard noises in the attic. I called Phoenix after a friend of mine referred them to me. Andy and Steve came out to investigate the noises. Steve showed me where the critters were getting in and closed up the access points and got rid of the numerous rats in the attic. They were very professional and reasonably priced. I even hired them to take care of our routine pest control! I would highly recommend them to any one in need of pest or wildlife control." — Brian B., Clearwater, FL

Snake Removal Tarpon Springs Process

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2. Unwanted Pest(s) Removed

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3. Rest Peacefully

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