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Why Are Squirrels in Your Property?

Living or working in Safety Harbor means you're no stranger to the abundant wildlife surrounding you, including birds, deer, and squirrels. However, squirrels can become a problem if they venture onto your property. Despite their cute appearance and entertainment, these pesky creatures can cause significant property damage once they invade your home or business.

Florida is home to several species of squirrels, including the Eastern Gray Squirrel, Southern Flying Squirrel, and the Fox Squirrel. Due to the state's hot climate, they may seek shelter in your home and may be attracted to food or water left on your property. Suppose you find yourself waking up to scratching and scurrying noises caused by a squirrel infestation. In that case, it's crucial to address the problem promptly.

Squirrels may appear cute but exhibit territorial and aggressive behaviors, wreaking havoc upon your home or business. Additionally, they may spread disgusting diseases. So, don't wait until it's too late to take action. Consult a professional wildlife removal service to help you handle the situation safely and humanely. They can effectively trap and remove the squirrels and provide tips on preventing future infestations. Remember, the longer you wait, the more damage these cute-looking creatures can cause, so take action as soon as possible.

Florida-based Squirrel Removal Expert Holding Small Squirrels Caught in Safety Harbor House
Squirrel Caught in Trap Installed by Squirrel Removal Professionals Serving Safety Harbor FL

Receive a Professional Squirrel Removal

"What's a squirrel removal?" you might ask. A squirrel removal is a safe and efficient method to remove invading squirrels from a property without harming the creature or the inhabitants of the home or business. While you may believe that the average home or business owner can conduct squirrel removal, a trained pest control professional is highly recommended to get the job done, as squirrels can be extremely dangerous once provoked. 

Squirrel removal may involve discrete trapping methods or caging to lure them out. However, this is much more humane compared to killing them, scaring them, or putting your health at risk to remove them.

Our Team Can Remove Squirrels

Are you tired of dealing with rodents and squirrels invading your home or business in Safety Harbor or Oldsmar? Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control is here to help! Our team of highly skilled professionals has the expertise and equipment to handle any rodent problem, whether big or small.

Our specialists understand various rodent species, such as rats and squirrels, and their behavior. This knowledge enables us to employ the most effective techniques to remove them safely and efficiently from your property. Moreover, we examine your property to identify all potential entry points and other factors that may attract rodents. Based on this information, we develop a comprehensive plan to prevent future infestations.

But that's not all! Upon request, we also offer restoration and sanitation services to ensure that your property is left spotless and free from any signs of rodent activity. Our top priority is your safety and satisfaction, and we guarantee that we will handle your rodent problem professionally and promptly.

Pest Control Expert Holding Squirrel He Removed From Safety Harbor Property
Safety Harbor Grandma and Squirrel Removal Expert Posing with Squirrel Caught

You (And the Squirrels) Are Home

Throughout Safety Harbor and the Tampa Bay area, squirrels live abundantly among us. Therefore, there is always a risk that one or more can sneak into your home or business for food, water, or shelter. So, our squirrel removal experts will carefully trap and remove all squirrels and their nests and place them back into their habitat where they belong.

Our professionals will safely and humanely trap all squirrels inside your home or business and relocate them to their natural habitat, where they can thrive. We take great care to ensure that the squirrels are not harmed in any way during the removal process.

Once all the squirrels are gone, we will thoroughly sanitize the area and restore any damage caused by the squirrels, if you desire. We aim to leave your property in better condition than we found it. Additionally, we provide tips and tricks to help you keep squirrels from entering your property in the future. Our team will identify all entry points and seal them. Therefore, you'll be able to prevent squirrel intrusions in the future.

All squirrels will be safely trapped, removed, and placed back into their natural habitat where they belong. As a result of our squirrel removal services, you'll have peace of mind knowing your Safety Harbor home is yours again. Finally, you'll have the privilege of witnessing the amazing creatures as they climb trees, dig acorns, and contribute to Florida's conservation and environment, all from the comfort and safety of your property in Safety Harbor.

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“Scott and Bob were very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Scott documented all areas that the squirrels could gain access to the attic and chimney. Scott did a great job removing and releasing flying squirrels from our fireplace. When a few returned Scott came back to catch and release them. Bob and Scott sealed all areas around the house and chimney to prevent future entrance. Thanks!” - Mary-Beth L.

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