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Where Are These Pests Coming From?

The state of Florida is home to a plethora of insects. However, wildlife has a place, and it can be frustrating or perhaps even damage property when these creatures intrude on homes or businesses. As a suburb of Pasco County, New Port Richey is made up of rural areas, lakes, and other natural habitats that are home to various pests.

Some of the most common pests include mosquitoes, spiders, ants, silverfish, roaches, and more. Florida’s harsh climates and unpredictable weather patterns often cause these pests to find shelter elsewhere, thus making them inclined to nest in our homes.

Squirrel Found By Pest Control Experts Near New Port Richey Home
Droppings in New Port Richey Attic Discovered By Pest Control Experts

In Need Of Pest Control?

Is there a nest within your walls, the attic, or a small crawl space? Where do these pests come from? Why do they choose your home to invade? Even though these creatures may mean no harm, they can be a nuisance. Additionally, your New Port Richey home or business is not the pests' habitat.

If the issue persists and all attempts to fix it have not worked, it may be time to receive some professional pest control assistance. A professional can efficiently remove all pests from your New Port Richey home or business without inflicting harm to the creatures or causing damage to the property.

We Provide Pest Control Services to New Port Richey

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has a team of experienced professionals who can assist home and business owners with pest control services. You will no longer worry about the various insects and wildlife intruding on your property.

Our skilled staff will assess the situation and determine all areas where pests may enter your property. In addition, we will remove them quickly and efficiently and prevent them from returning.

Pest Control Company Vehicle Parked In Front of New Port Richey Property
Delighted New Port Richey Lady and Pest Control Expert Holding Caught Raccoon

Your Property Is Yours Again!

With assistance from our pest control team, all unwanted pests will finally be removed and you can finally live in peace with a safe property without being inconvenienced by the critters. In addition, we’ll provide guidance to prevent unwanted pests from re-entering your New Port Richey property.

New Port Richey is a beautiful area in Florida, and it's possible to enjoy its amenities while insects and wildlife remain in their natural habitats. Your property is yours again, so enjoy the beauty.

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“Before Phoenix I had gone through and tried to use 2-3 other companies who all unfortunately came up short in one way or another. Not Phoenix though! Thank goodness I found these guys, they’re everything you’d hope to get from a service company: customer oriented, quick, cooperative, kind, professional, effective, the list goes on.” - Alex Chiappe

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