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If you have noticed strange scratch marks and damage to walls and furniture throughout your Lutz home or business, it might be an indication of rodent infestation. Additionally, if you have discovered trails of urine and droppings in dark or cluttered areas, rodents have likely invaded your property.

It's important to note that small rodents may resemble adorable, domesticated hamsters or other similar pets. However, wild mice and rats can pose a dangerous and unhealthy threat to you, your family, and your clients. These pesky creatures can spread harmful diseases to humans, including the Hantavirus and Tularmia, through droppings, urine, and bites. They can also significantly damage your property by chewing on wires, insulation, and other materials.

It's best to act promptly and take the necessary steps to relocate rodents from your property as soon as possible. It can be helpful to seal all small entry points, eliminate sources of food and water, and set up traps. However, if the infestation is severe, it's recommended to seek the help of professional pest control services to ensure rodents are completely eradicated from your property.

Squirrels Found by Rodent Removal Company in Lutz Home's Basement
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In Florida's humid and unpredictable climate, rodent infestations are a common problem for all home or business owners. Despite being unwanted, rodents often make their way into dark and cluttered spaces, such as attics and closets. If you're dealing with a rodent infestation on your Lutz property, it's important to know how to safely and legally remove them.

The best action is to reach out to a local rodent removal expert who specializes in serving Lutz and its surrounding areas. These experts are well-versed in the behaviors of different rodent species, and they employ specific trapping methods for each type. They can also identify the entry points and other factors that may be attracting rodents to your property.

By enlisting the help of a rodent removal professional, you can be confident that the animals will be legally and humanely relocated and your property will be made less vulnerable to future rodent infestations.

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Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control is a reputable company in Lutz, Florida that offers professional rodent removal services. Our team of experts is highly trained and knowledgeable in safely and legally trapping various rodent species that may have invaded your home or business. Additionally, the team understands the behaviors of different types of wildlife, which enables them to apply the best removal methods that guarantee the safety of your loved ones, guests, or customers.

Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your building to identify all entry points, no matter how big or small, that rodents may have used to infiltrate the building. Then, they'll seal the rodent entrances to prevent future invasions. We also offer full restoration and sanitation services upon request to ensure that your property is free from any damage caused by rodents.

At Phoenix Pest, the safety of our clients and their properties is our top priority. We use safe and effective methods to remove rodents from your property, and we ensure that your home or business is completely safe from any potential animals. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a pest-free environment that you can live or work in comfortably.

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Trap Set Up on the Roof by Rodent Removal Company Serving Lutz FL

Keep Your Property Safe From Rodents

Once we have completed a thorough assessment of your Lutz property for rodent colonies and promptly removed them, you'll notice a significant difference in the environment. The air will feel much fresher and cleaner and the messes will disappear, so you'll be able to enjoy your property without any unwanted intruders scurrying throughout your living space.

We take all the necessary steps to eliminate rodents and other wildlife from your property, including identifying potential entry points and sealing them off to prevent future infestations. Furthermore, our experts will provide you with valuable information on preventative measures to keep your home or business secure and enjoyable.

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“Awesome company and awesome people! They did an outstanding job at ridding my grandma's house of rodents! She lives in an old mobile home and Phoenix spent several hours sealing all holes and openings around the outside and underneath of her mobile home and continued to come out everytime we called! Very nice people work there!” - Katrina W.

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