Fear Spiders?

We Can Help Ease Your Anxiety


Don't Look Up

Do you have a fear of spiders?

Or maybe you have a family member or coworker who has severe arachnophobia.

Here in Florida, there are various species of spiders and many of them like to find comfort in our homes.

Unfortunately, these eight legged creatures have a way of creeping us out even when they are ten times smaller than us!

So how do we handle ourselves when we see a web?


Spider Web on the Roof of Tarpon Springs House Scheduled To Be Removed by Spider Control Experts
Spider Webs Located by Pest Control Experts in Tarpon Springs Library

Box Store Sprays Won't Work

Sure, you can kill a spider with an off the shelf spray (or a shoe), but that doesn't get to the source of the problem.

Where there is one, there is more!

And the idea of possibly having 600 more baby spiders within your walls sends the chills up your spine!

How can you possibly find out where these babies are hiding, and how can you be sure that all of them are gone?

Give Us A Call

Spiders can be pesky creatures.

Some of them are poisonous, some of them are harmless, some of them are large and some of them are small.

Their behaviors are unpredictable and they have eight legs that make them even creepier than the average insect.

There are ways to properly deal with these arachnids and we guarantee that we can safely help them evacuate your home or business.

Spider Control Company Truck Passing by Tarpon Springs FL
Spider-free Home in Tarpon Springs After Getting Pest Control Services

Live Freely Without The Anxiety of Spiders

Once we completely remove the webs with their sacs, you will finally be able to live your life without the fear of a spider on your wall or on your office desk.

You will no longer feel distracted from your job nor will you feel anxiety with protecting your family members from terrifying spiders.

Your life will be completely spider free!

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Steve and Scott of Phoenix Pest Management are the perfect team to have on your side when you are faced with any kind of invasion from critters and pests of any type. Besides being absolutely competent and knowledgeable about their field they are delightful to work with. They always returned calls promptly, called before they arrived to make sure we were home, waited for us if we were delayed getting home, treated our house with respect and were as friendly and as professional as they could be. They had our critter invasion in hand in short order and were were so impressed by their work and demeanor that we signed up with them for regular pest control for both inside and outside the house. Their approach is friendly and no-pressure but absolutely professional. I would highly recommend Phoenix Pest Management to anyone who has a pest problem or to anyone who doesn't ever want to have one." —Julie & Rob D., Dunedin, FL

Spider Control Tarpon Springs Steps:

1. Contact Phoenix Pest

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2. Unwanted Pest(s) Removed

Game Plan Created and Executed to Remove the Unwelcome Critters

3. Rest Peacefully

You have Peace of Mind Knowing the Job was Done Right & Guaranteed