Frequently Asked Questions

A: The first thing we do is schedule a free inspection.
It is impossible to know pricing without seeing exactly what kind of work is involved in solving your problem.
It is not a simple cut and dry fix and simply trapping a few rats never keeps them from coming back.
A: There is a fixed cost to simply spray the inside/outside or both.
However, certain types of roaches, ants, and other insects require specialized and possibly follow-up treatments to rid the population completely.
We will visit your property, conduct a free inspection and then provide you with an estimate for treatment.

A: Yes, we are all animal lovers and do everything we can to remove the invading squirrels and send them back outside to live in the trees.

We do all necessary animal proofing of the property and then install one way excluders that allow the squirrels to go out the entry point, but not come back in .
Once we know they have all left, the remaining spots are then sealed.

A: Complete animal proofing of your home or business is the first and most important thing to do.

A thorough property inspection is conducted to determine any and all current entry points as well as any possible future entry points.
Permanent materials are used to guarantee no reentry - not simply squirting temporary foam into holes like others try to get away with.
The existing rat population is then trapped and removed. Afterwards, rodent stations are then placed around the property to reduce current and future rodents trying to get back in.
The best guarantee in the business is then in place to back up the work performed!

A: If you simply set traps you will only catch a rat from time to time and eventually the adults will avoid the traps all together.

This will never solve the problem. The rats will continue to use their entry points to come and go from the attic space, garage or any cracks and crevices allowing them access, this is why animal proofing your home or business is necessary.

A: Yes, they are commercial grade equipment that has a concrete block inside to weigh it down as well as a locking lid that requires a commercial key to open. Only rodents can enter the station and the bait inside is pinned in so they have to be nibbled at to feed.

Larger animals and children cannot get into them.

A: Rats will always continue to put pressure on your home to try to regain access and chew new ways in.

Rats follow a pheromone trail from the others and try to follow that scent. The stations reduce the population around the home and give them a place that they stop and don't continue to try to regain access and start them problem all over again.

A: We use all the best products so that you get the best results. The products we use inside the home do typically last for 1yr and we only retreat inside as necessary, we don't treat inside each time unless you are experiencing a particular problem.

However, the outside products can only last as long as weather permits and they typically have a 60-90 day duration until they break down completely, then your protection is gone.

No company can promise that you won't get bugs throughout the year if they don't retreat outside every 3 months.

A: Yes we use the very best non deterrent sprays, baits and dusts that are designed to be used in schools , hospitals, nursing homes etc.

These are integrated into cracks , crevices, under cabinet voids and inside select walls where you don't see or smell anything and they get placed where the insects hide.

A: Yes you can request that we treat inside your home with green products however they are not typically as effective as the best available interior products that we use that are also child and pet friendly.

A: The spray we use outside focuses on the perimeter of the home, window frames, soffits and doorways, not necessarily the grass. We would only be spraying fire ant mounds in the yard if apparent.
We use a granular product on the ground both pesticide and bait.
However we do recommend giving our treatment at least an hour to dry before letting your pets outside.