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Finding Nests Or Droppings In Your Home or Business?

The state of Florida has an abundance of bird wildlife that thrive throughout our local communities. Most of the time, we can coexist peacefully with them. In addition, birds are an essential part of our environment, as they are responsible for plant pollination, seed dispersal, and even pest control.

However, if you’ve recently noticed noises in and around your structure, strange droppings, or evidence of nests, then this could mean that birds have overstayed their welcome. While bird messes are a pain to clean up, they can become a health concern, as bird droppings are filled with harmful bacteria and parasites.

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How Do I Safely Remove The Birds?

While birds are majestic creatures, they can become a nuisance once they make your home or business their home or business. This can be a frustrating situation, especially since you will need to figure out a way to safely remove them without putting yourself or them at risk.

If you’ve decided to wait for the birds to leave on their terms, unfortunately, this may induce more frustration as they can cause significant property damage. Birds can remain in an attic for up to three or four months. Additionally, removing them via toxic gasses or kill traps is not recommended as various bird species are protected by law in the state of Florida.

So the question is, how can you safely and legally remove the birds?

Call A Professional For Help

If you want to remove the birds the right way, it is highly recommended to contact a professional for assistance. Fortunately, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has a team of experienced people who handle bird removals throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Birds can be pesky creatures, especially if they feel threatened. However, we have the proper tools to safely trap them and remove them from your home or business without causing any harm to you or them.

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Keep Them Out Of Your Property

While many may opt to perform a bird removal themselves in an attempt to save money, contacting a professional pest control company is the safer and more effective option.

The team at Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control will not only assist in the bird removal process, but we will teach you how to keep them out of your home or business to ensure that your property is protected from them with a simple attic restoration and sanitation.

After the birds are officially removed, you will feel relieved to have your property back. You’ll be able to observe the birds from afar in their natural habitats and coexist peacefully once again.

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