Find An Opossum?

It's Time To Show Them Their Place


What's That Noise?

It's late at night and you realize that you have forgotten to take out the trash for the next morning.

You go outside into the pitch black darkness towards your trashcan when suddenly you hear something coming right from that area.

You smell a foul odor and hear rustling, but can't quite make out what it is or where it's coming from.

That's strange... 

What could it be?

Sneaky Opossum Caught At Night By Tarpon Springs Animal Removal Experts
Sneaky Opossum Caught At Night By Tarpon Springs Animal Removal Experts

Is It Just Visiting Or Living There?

You are surprised to find an opossum and her young feasting on a carcass she had drug from somewhere else.

There was an entire family possible living on your property.

While opossums are beneficial to helping you rid your property of cockroaches and other annoying insects, they also carry diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, and spotted fever.

The health of your family is important! Having a family of opossums living that close is definitely not ideal!

They Mean No Harm, But Don't Belong

For the most part, opossums are harmless beneficial omnivores who are attracted to areas that have an abundance of food sources. If they feel threatened, they will most likely play dead to avoid predators.

They may even help to keep out any rats or roaches, but sadly these are not creatures who should stick around for long.

By performing the right exclusion methods, opossums can be eradicated quite easily, and with our expertise, we'll provide the right guidance to ensure your home and business stays protected.

Wildlife Removal Expert Holding Opossum He Removed From Tarpon Springs Property
Wildife Removal Professionals Showing Opossum They Caught in Tarpon Springs Building

Make That Call

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has the appropriate tools and techniques in handling opossums correctly.

If you wish, we can provide proper advice on how to safely keep them from returning to ensure endless protection.

You'll feel better knowing you can have more control and won't be in danger from another opossum again.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"We have utilized the services of Phoenix Pest Management for eleven years. The service is very professional, highly competent and extremely effective. Rodents outside are well controlled as are inside insects. If there is ever an issue between service visits, Andy comes out without hesitation. His philosophy is customer satisfaction and that it makes more sense to take care of a small problem. The primary advantage to hiring Phoenix is that you know who is coming to your house each time versus the big companies. I highly recommend Phoenix for pest control services. It is important to support local business and in this instance you can do that while obtaining the best possible service." — Mike & Charity Ganos, Clearwater, FL

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