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Where Are These Pests Coming From?

Located just north of St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island is one of Pinellas County's hidden gems. With beautiful, tropical beaches, gorgeous sunny weather, and a plethora of nature, it's no wonder why so many people desire to live here.

However, like all other subtropical locations, Treasure Island also has a variety of insects and species of wildlife that live adjacent to homes and neighborhoods. During the summer, it's common for home and business owners to experience frequent pest invasions.

It's always annoying to hear noises while you're trying to focus or relax. Cleaning up possible messes feels disheartening. Maybe you have no clue where the pests are, or perhaps you do know and you simply can't catch them. Sprays and traps don't work. What's the solution?

Droppings Found by a Pest Control Expert in an Attic in Treasure Island Florida
Wildlife Caught in a Trap Set by a Treasure Island Pest Control Expert

Is There A Solution?

Often when people find pests within their homes or businesses, they deal with them by utilizing chemicals such as pesticides and traps. While these methods may handle pests for the time being, they are not permanent. It's similar to not using disinfectant or medicine on an open wound, but simply bandaging it up.

Those who wish that bothering pests would stay away from their Treasure Island home should consider hiring pest control. Individuals who provide pest control services have a vast amount of knowledge of different creatures and understand their behaviors. Therefore, they know the right tactics on how to keep them away without using dangerous and possibly illegal methods.

Our Team Can Handle It

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has an experienced team that handles a variety of pests and services areas throughout the Tampa Bay area, including Treasure Island.

Our services range from rodent removal, bird removal, and snake removal to insects, including ants, bees, wasps, spiders, and many more. In addition to our regular pest control services, we will also work to discover the reasons for the presence of pests. Is there a small opening in the wall? A crack in the roof? Built-up moisture or food in a hidden location? 

If these things are attracting pests, getting rid of the source itself can solve the issue and stop pests from crossing boundaries.

Ongoing Extermination in Treasure Island Done by Local Pest Control Expert
Treasure Island Woman Smiling Beside Pest Control Expert Who Removed Raccoon From Her Home

A Pest-Free Property to Enjoy!

With our help, you'll learn a few things: why the pests are present, what can be done to safely remove them, and how to make sure they don't cross boundaries in the future.

You'll reclaim your Treasure Island home or business and own a pest-free property to enjoy. Plus, you'll be able to peacefully coexist with the nearby nature and wildlife without them bothering you or your family. In Florida, you can simply step outside to enjoy a spectacular display of nature. If the problem does occur again, we'll be happy to return to your property to remove the pests.

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“The Phoenix team, with Angel as lead, were dedicated to determine where rodents were accessing my building walls and vents. They spent countless hours with smoke test; cuts, etc..with their expertise to ultimately find the source. The rats had chewed through pipe cap which they replaced and sealed. This issue had continued for years, and Phoenix was the only company that were able to finally resolve the issue. Thanks Phoenix!” - Denise D.

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