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Discovering Rodents in Your Home or Business?

Around 21 million homes in the US are invaded by rats and mice! Unfortunately, these rodents can carry and spread over 35 diseases, making them a serious health threat to both home and business owners. If you find rodents in your Land O' Lakes property, it's important to use safe removal methods.

However, it's highly advised that you don't attempt trapping or using chemical applications yourself, as this may harm protected animals and be illegal. Instead, it's best to hire a professional rodent removal expert who can ensure that the rodents are securely removed and prevented from returning.

Squirrels Spotted by Rodent Removal Company in the Basement of Land O Lakes Home
Land O Lakes Rodent Removal Expert Holding Three Kits Caught

Who Can I Call for Help?

Warm, dark areas are attractive to rodents for nesting and colony growth. Additionally, rodents may be drawn to your property due to food, clutter, and dirt. Look out for signs of infestation, such as:

  • Scratching or scurrying sounds in the walls or attic
  • Small and dark droppings scattered throughout the property
  • Gnaw marks or damaged furniture, and
  • Foul smells caused by decaying corpses.

If you notice any of these signs, it's best to contact an affordable rodent removal expert who services Land O' Lakes property owners.

Our Team is on the Case

If you're dealing with a rodent invasion in your Land O' Lakes property, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control is here!

Our pest control experts use safe and legal techniques for rodent removal. We understand the behaviors of many wildlife species to effectively trap and remove them without causing harm. Additionally, we'll discover why they're on your property and identify entry points to prevent them from returning. Our team will seal these areas, and we also provide restoration and sanitation services!

Rodent Removal Professional Flexing Rat He Caught from Land O Lakes Property
Trap Installed by Rodent Removal Professionals on the Roof of Land O Lakes House

Keep the Rodents Away!

After a thorough rodent removal on your Land O Lakes property, you can say goodbye to the irritating noises and foul odors caused by these creatures. Most importantly, you can rest knowing that your loved ones, visitors, and customers are secure while in your home or business.

Furthermore, you'll learn how to identify and eliminate all potential entry points and rodent-attracting areas in your property to prevent future infestations. Nevertheless, if pesky rodents return, we return and relocate them to their habitat. Contact pest control experts today for a free quote!

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“Awesome company and awesome people! They did an outstanding job at ridding my grandma's house of rodents! She lives in an old mobile home and Phoenix spent several hours sealing all holes and openings around the outside and underneath of her mobile home and continued to come out everytime we called! Very nice people work there!” - Katrina W.

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