Is Your Attic Sanitized?

Ensure Cleanliness With Professionals Who Can Help Keep Your Attic Safe and Tidy


Is Your Attic A Mess?

In the aftermath of removing rodents and other pests from your attic, sometimes there are other issues that follow...

Did they leave droppings? Food storages? Nesting spots?

Animals can make your attic look like a bacterial disaster, and sometimes it's so gross, you may not even want to go up there anymore.

Rodents and Pests Droppings Removed By Tarpon Springs Attic Sanitation Company
Smelly Attic Cleaned By Tarpon Springs Pest Control and Attic Sanitation Company

Does It Smell?

Depending on the animals, sometimes bad odors can result from an infestation.

For example, if you have a rat problem, a dead rat carcass can produce a very bad odor that will spread through your vents and cause the entire home or building to smell horribly.

Dead animals, droppings and insects can spread diseases and is simply not sanitary.

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control will provide a full Viruside treatment with Nisus D viruside to kill all germs viruses and bacteria lingering in your attic space as well as a liquid deodorizer to eliminate the smell of feces urine and dead carcasses.

We will also treat your attic with a Borid dust and an ant and roach bait to kill off any insects that are also infesting the attic space.

We Offer Attic Restoration

While we will repair your attic, we will also do what we can to make sure that your attic is free of any smells, diseases or bacteria.

Cleaning an entire attic can sometimes be a hassle, but that is why we're here to provide some help!

We carry some of the best quality tools to keep your attic clean and tidy so that you will be able to return back into your attic without a problem.



Tarpon Springs Pest Control Company Staff Performing Attic Sanitation
Before and After Attic Sanitation in Tarpon Springs FL

Return To A Clean Attic

The next time you need to go into the attic to grab some storage, you'll no longer have to be afraid of the possible pests that once inhabited it.

Your attic will be fresh, clean and free from all bacterial diseases. Also, the horrible odor will have vanished with your air vents smelling clean and no dead carcasses to be found.

You'll be able to return to attic anytime you want to without fear or feeling sick from the horrible stench.

For Attic Restoration, give us a call today!

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What Customers Are Saying:

“The Phoenix Pest Management company is the best. After going through those Pest Chains who only do a fast so-so job, I am happy that I finally found a company that does outstanding work in keeping our house pest - free. Steve and Scott are very professional and go above and beyond in doing excellent work. They took care of my house as if it was there own. I would recommend them to anyone with an A-Plus rating. Don't waste your time with anyone else -just call Phoenix Pest Management." — Mitchell Roth, Tampa, FL

Attic Sanitation Tarpon Springs Process

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2. Unwanted Pest(s) Removed

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3. Rest Peacefully

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