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Welcome To Florida!

Are you a Florida resident? Or maybe you're interested in relocating your family and business to Florida?

We don't blame you. Florida is full of natural beauty, beaches, entertainment, natural wildlife and gorgeous weather! What's not to love?

We can tell you one thing... pests.


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Because Florida is such a tropical state, it's only natural that it would be filled with tropical wildlife.

From Alligators, Snakes, an assortment of bugs and rodents, Florida is not exempt from having pests sometimes trespass into private property.

Luckily though, there is hope!

Pest Management & Wildlife Control has been one of the best and most trusted companies servicing the Tampa area since its founding in 1998.

We take pride in not only being able to remove invaders from your business or home, but we also will repair any potential damage that was caused by the creatures.

For more information, give us a call at 727-742-5197 and we'd be happy to provide you with any information that is needed.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Highly recommended. If you have a pest problem these are your guys. We didn't know what was in our attic. We kept hearing scratching noises above our bedroom, so we called Phoenix. Scott came out to the house and figured out right away we had squirrels. He checked out the attic and set up a trap to let them out, but not back in. Roof is now sealed and we are squirrel free! These guys are not only knowledgeable, they are courteous and friendly too. Thank you Phoenix Pest Management and Wildlife Control." — Jennifer Clearwater, FL

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3. Rest Peacefully

You have Peace of Mind Knowing the Job was Done Right & Guaranteed