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Rodents Have Invaded Your Home or Business

Like people, rodent colonies require dry, warm areas with food, shelter, and water. Therefore, your property in Madeira Beach is an appealing place for them to find these things, and they will do anything they can to infiltrate the property. When doing this, they may cause tons of damage, such as chewing wires, chewing through furniture, scratching walls, building nests, and leaving behind urine and feces.

Plus, rodents can transfer diseases directly to humans by contaminating foods and surfaces. Some of the most common infections are salmonella and tapeworms.

Have rodents invaded your home or business? If so, what can possibly be done to get them out ASAP?

Squirrels in the Basement of a Madeira Beach House Found by Rodent Removal Experts
Rodent Removal Professional Holding Squirrels Caught in Madeira Beach Florida

You Need a Proper Rodent Removal

Dealing with a rodent infestation can cause a wide range of negative feelings, from stress and anxiety to constant frustration. You need to remove these rodents as quickly as possible if you wish to provide a healthy and safe environment to your family or your customers. Plus, if you're in the restaurant industry, suspicion of rodents can lead to major health code violations that may completely shut your business down. You need to find a safe, legal solution - and fast, but what can you do?

If you can relate to this situation, it's encouraged to contact a rodent removal professional local to you. While it may be tempting to experiment with trapping procedures or pesticide applications on your own, this can be extremely unsafe for you and those around you.

Our Pros Are Here to Help!

If you're in a panicked frenzy and need to get the rodents off your property right now, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control can come to the rescue! Phoenix has a team of rodent removal experts who can humanely trap and extract pests from your property.

The moment you contact us for rodent removal, we'll send professionals to arrive at your home or business in Madeira Beach. Then, they'll thoroughly analyze the area, set up a safe and effective trapping system, and determine all entry points at which they are entering the property. Additionally, our team can provide sanitation and restoration services if you desire.

Pest Control Expert Flexing Rodent He Removed from a Madeira Beach House
Rat Control Trap Set Up by Madeira Beach Rodent Removal Company

The Rodents Are Gone

After the job is done, you'll notice a significant difference in your building's environment. The air will feel cleaner, you'll no longer discover unpleasant odors, and the safety of you and your loved ones or clients will be restored. 

The rodents are gone, the property is completely sanitized, and you'll know precisely what to do to keep it that way. Don't let rodents rule your space any longer. Take back your property with our professional rodent removal services.

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“I've been with Phoenix for about one year. They came out quickly to resolve the issue. They installed rodent control boxes, which *** monitors regularly. He calls before coming and it's such a delight to hear his, always cheery, voice.” - Marie P.

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