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Is Your Property Overrun by Squirrels?

Are you fed up with unwanted guests overtaking your home or business? You're probably finding squirrel droppings everywhere, smelling foul odors, or hearing scurrying or scratching within the walls. This isn't just inconvenient, but dangerous - wires gnawed by wild squirrels can cause a fire hazard.

Maybe you've tried traps, food, and all kinds of do-it-yourself methods to get rid of these non-sentient tenants, but to no avail! There's got to be a way you can save your Clearwater property and your sanity at the same time.

Clearwater Squirrel Removal Expert Holding Three Small Squirrels
Squirrel Caught in Trap Installed by Clearwater-based Animal Removal Company

Humane Relocation is the Safest Choice

Thankfully, there is!

At Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control, we believe that safe and humane squirrel relocation is the answer to your infestation problem. Our skilled team of background-checked experts is highly trained with efficient equipment to not only trap live squirrels but find their hidden nests as well.

Squirrels love all kinds of nooks and crannies, including the attic, the basement, or even inside the walls. Don’t waste time and money trying to trap these pests on your own. You might end up harming yourself or the squirrels in the process.

Call Now for Professional Squirrel Removal

Once you contact Phoenix for professional squirrel removal, we'll send a team to arrive promptly at your Clearwater home or business. They'll walk both the perimeter and interior of your home or business to determine the entry and exit points of the animals, as well as any apparent damage to the structure that might need to be sealed. Traps with bait will be set, which ensures safe capture of the squirrels, and you can rest assured that each animal will be humanely relocated back into the wild.

We also provide sanitation and restoration services upon request, in cases of excess waste or structural damage to your property.

Pest Control Professional Flexing Squirrel He Removed from Clearwater FL House
Clearwater Grandma and Squirrel Removal Expert Posing with Squirrel Caught

Relocate Squirrels Where They Belong

Once all the squirrels have been successfully removed from your home or business, they will be swiftly transported and released back into their natural habitat. All extra services will be provided immediately after squirrel removal, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

We are committed to equipping you with the most effective tips and tricks to prevent another squirrel infestation from happening. Don't hesitate any longer. Contact us now for a Free Quote and get rid of those pesky squirrels for good!

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“Scott and Bob were very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Scott documented all areas that the squirrels could gain access to the attic and chimney. Scott did a great job removing and releasing flying squirrels from our fireplace. When a few returned Scott came back to catch and release them. Bob and Scott sealed all areas around the house and chimney to prevent future entrance. Thanks!” -Mary-Beth L.

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