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Welcome To Pinellas

Home to Florida's most beautiful beaches and Tampa Bay's sister city, St. Petersburg, is the highly populated county of Pinellas.

Pinellas is located just west of Tampa right on the Gulf of Mexico. It's no surprise why this county not only attracts thousands of new residents every year, but it is also a tourist hotspot due to its tropical enviornment.

Regardless, even though this area is slightly more tropical as compared to the other counties, that does not make it safe from the wildlife of the state of Florida.

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Don't Be Fooled By The Beaches

While a beach environment may be known for sea turtles and dolphins, Pinellas still is home to many other wildlife creatures such as snakes, opossums, raccoons and many others.

If you plan on relocating here, don't be fooled by the tropical climate and the beaches. Pests can sometimes be more prevalent in Pinellas homes due to such warm temperatures.

More often than not, animals will be seeking cool, shady areas, and your home or business may be one of them.

We Serve Pinellas County

If you're interested in relocating here, but are unsure of what pests might make their way into your property, don't stress...

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control happily services Pinellas County!

You'll be able to enjoy the tropical weather, the beaches and the outdoor life without the burden of dealing with Florida's wildlife crossing their boundaries.

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Live A Pest Free Life in Pinellas County

Imagine this: You wake up early in the morning to take a run on the beach, the seagulls are squawking, and the smell of the salty sea air catches your nostrils. You love where you live and work, and wouldn't trade it for the world. The best part is that you are being left alone by the wildlife that inhabits the area.

Whether you live near the beach, a park or a conservation, you'll enjoy your new home as it is officially a paradise for anyone to be in.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Steve and Scott of Phoenix Pest Management are the perfect team to have on your side when you are faced with any kind of invasion from critters and pests of any type. Besides being absolutely competent and knowledgeable about their field they are delightful to work with. They always returned calls promptly, called before they arrived to make sure we were home, waited for us if we were delayed getting home, treated our house with respect and were as friendly and as professional as they could be. They had our critter invasion in hand in short order and were were so impressed by their work and demeanor that we signed up with them for regular pest control for both inside and outside the house. Their approach is friendly and no-pressure but absolutely professional. I would highly recommend Phoenix Pest Management to anyone who has a pest problem or to anyone who doesn't ever want to have one." — Julie & Rob D., Dunedin, FL

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