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Welcome To Hillsborough

Located right in the heart of the Tampa Bay area is Hillsborough County, known for being home to the famous Hillsborough River, multiple wildlife preserves and beautiful nature parks.

If you are a resident of this area or planning to live here in the future, we don't blame you. The area has natural beauty, businesses and a growing community. What's not to love?

We can think of one thing... pests!

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Squirrels Found By Pest Control Experts in Hillsborough County Attic

With Beautiful Nature Comes Its Inhabitants

Like all other areas in the state of Florida, Hillsborough County is not an exception when it comes to inhabiting critters.

While you may call this area home, you are not alone. Animals such as armadillos, raccoons, and possums also inhabit this county. Along with that, you may find a few snakes swimming down the Hillsborough River or have to deal with those pesky mosquitos that sneak into your house during the summer.

Thankfully, if you're a resident of this area, it's your lucky day!

We Serve Hillsborough County

If you're interested in living (or currently live) in a neighborhood that is peaceful, contains plenty of trees that supply shade, and gorgeous lakes to go jet skiing or swimming, but yet you're worried about the wildlife that you may face, worry no more!

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control happily services the Hillsborough area.

While we understand that wildlife is apart of our environment, it is our job to ensure that Hillsborough residents feel safe and secure in their own homes without the disruption of an animal.

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Pest Control Expert Showing Three Armadillos Caught in Hillsborough County

Live A Pest Free Life in Hillsborough County

Imagine this: You wake up early in the morning to the sound of the Hillsborough River running, the birds chirping, and the smell of the fresh breeze with no bugs or rodents in sight.

Whatever you may need assistance in, we are always here to ensure that your home remains protected from intruders.

You'll get to enjoy living in one of Tampa Bay's best counties while not having to worry about the inhabitants that come with it.

It's a win-win!

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Five stars for Phoenix!! Steve Barker has been providing pest management and wild life control services at my house for sometime now, and I claim that he is the best in the business. From removing rats from my attic to keeping insects and spiders out of my house, Steve at Phoenix has always provided superb customer service. He is quick to take a call, and he readily and efficiently accomplishes a job. His level of professionalism and knowledge are to be commended, and his prices are affordable! It truly is a pleasure doing business with Phoenix. I highly recommend Phoenix for all of your pest and wildlife control needs." —Jessica L., Tampa, FL

Hillsborough County Pest Control Process

1. Contact Phoenix Pest

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2. Unwanted Pest(s) Removed

Game Plan Created and Executed to Remove the Unwelcome Critters

3. Rest Peacefully

You have Peace of Mind Knowing the Job was Done Right & Guaranteed