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Damaged Attic Fixed By Tarpon Springs Company Offering Restoration Services

Attic Restoration

Have you found some damages in your attic? Do you find that there are some easy access entrances that you would like closed? Click here to learn more about how we can help!

Newly Sanitized Attic Cleaned By Tarpon Springs Company Offering Restoration Services

Attic Sanitation

Is your attic full of rodent droppings? How can you ensure the cleanliness of your home if your attic looks and smells of bacteria? Click here for more information!

Squirrels Removed From Attic By Tarpon Springs Company Offering Restoration Services

Wildlife Exclusion

Are you surrounded by nature? Worried about what wildlife might come knocking on your door? Click here to see how we can help remove unwanted guests from your premises!

Is Your Area Damaged?

Nature may be beautiful and wildlife may be amazing to see from a distance, however sometimes if they cross their boundaries, your property just might take a hit.

From destroyed screens, broken windows, droppings in or outside the area, or holes dug through the walls, animals can cause a lot of property damage that can cost you thousands of dollars to repair with no guidance on how to fix it on your own or how to protect yourself from it happening again.

So what do you do?

Tarpon Springs Attic Needing Restoration Services
Roof Fixed and Secured By Tarpon Springs Company Offering Restoration Services

Don't Know How To Fix It?

When there is damage, the first response by people is figuring out how to fix it.

Unless you are knowledgeable with tools and restoration, we against this.

For one thing, it's a dangerous task for those who don't know what they're doing. Also, one could cause more damage if the task is done incorrectly.

Worst of all, the initial problem won't even be solved making it a large waste of time.

Don't Know How To Prevent It?

Even after the damage is fixed, would that be enough to prevent it from happening again?

Most people have this question in their heads.

Are there precautions to take? Stronger equipment to be used for protection? Advice on how to handle situations like this if it happened in the future?

Luckily, all of that is part of our restoration services.

Staff Performing Restoration Services on the Roof of Tarpon Springs Home
Truck of Restoration Services Company Parked In Front of Tarpon Spring House

We'll Help You Restore Your Property

From a hole in a screen or scratches in the walls, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control can provide some restoration services that you may need.

Give us a call at either location today if you have damage pests and we'd be happy to help you restore your home and help you to prevent any future invasions or damages in the future.

Your property will be as good as new and you'll feel better knowing that you have advice from some of the best pest control professionals in the Tampa Bay area.

What Customers Are Saying:

"Phoenix is the best........ I called Phoenix because there was something in my attic. He came out the same day and did an inspection. He is very friendly and seems to know what he is doing. He was hired and started working that evening. It turned out we had rats and squirrels in the attic. Steve came out for many weeks every 2-3 days to check the traps at my schedule since I work. He worked hard with alot of patience. He was even great with the kids. I would highly recommend Phoenix to anyone who has a pest problem. They are honest, hardworking and trust worthy." — Tina & Ray, Odessa, FL

Tarpon Springs Restoration Services Process

1. Contact Phoenix Pest

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2. Unwanted Pest(s) Removed

Game Plan Created and Executed to Remove the Unwelcome Critters

3. Rest Peacefully

You have Peace of Mind Knowing the Job was Done Right & Guaranteed