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Rodents Have Invaded!

Recently, you may have noticed peculiar occurrences in your home or business, such as unpleasant odors, chewed walls, wire damage, furniture scratches, visible food trails, and signs of urine or droppings. These observations prompt the question: "Could I be facing a rodent infestation?"

Numerous rodent species are associated with diseases and health hazards for occupants of affected spaces. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these illnesses can be transmitted to humans through direct contact, handling rodents, exposure to their waste (feces, urine, saliva), or bites. This underscores the urgency of addressing a potential rodent infestation.

Discovering the presence of rodents can evoke anxiety or stress for homeowners or business proprietors. However, the safest approach to eliminate them without jeopardizing your health, your family's, or your clients' is to seek professional rodent removal services.

Squirrels Hiding in the Basement of a House Discovered by Rodent Removal Experts
St Pete Beach Rodent Removal Expert Holding Three Kits Caught

A Rodent Removal is Essential

The warmer climates and erratic summer weather in Florida can lead rodent populations to encroach upon homes and businesses in St. Pete Beach. Moreover, rodents are drawn to cluttered environments, dimly lit areas, and accessible food and water sources. If you've discovered signs of a rodent infestation, any of these factors could be contributing to the issue.

Enlisting the expertise of a professional rodent removal technician is crucial to accurately determine the reasons behind the pests' presence on your property and create a removal plan that doesn't endanger you or others. These specialists are extensively trained and equipped with knowledge of effective trapping techniques.

Choose Us To Help You!

At Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control, our team comprises background-checked experts in rodent removal. We employ safe trapping techniques, such as humane traps and exclusion methods, to capture and remove all rodents from your St. Pete Beach property.

At Phoenix, we go beyond a simple inspection. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your entire home or business, meticulously identifying small holes, entry points, and damaged areas to pinpoint the source of the infestation. This thoroughness enables us to strategically place traps in the most effective locations for swift and efficient removal, giving you peace of mind.

Furthermore, if your St. Pete Beach home or business has been damaged by the rodent invasion, our team doesn't just stop at removal. We offer comprehensive restoration and sanitation services to ensure your space is returned to its pre-infestation condition, relieving you of the burden of cleanup.

Pest Control Expert Flexing Rodent He Removed From a Property in St Pete Beach FL
Trap Set Up by Rodent Removal Company Serving St Pete Beach and Other Florida Cities

Say Goodbye to Rodents

After our rodent removal service for your St. Pete Beach home or business, you'll notice a significant improvement in the cleanliness and freshness of the environment, with no more signs of rodents! Moreover, you, your family, and your clients can move about freely without worrying about their health and safety.

While some rodents, like mice, may seem harmless, wild rodents threaten health and property. Therefore, prompt action is essential. With assistance from our team, not only will your property be rodent-free, but you'll also gain valuable insights on how to prevent future infestations.

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“We have been using them for over a year now. *** comes by to do our regular prevention services and is great!!! They also came out to help us with a rodent issue and were amazing with that. They walked us through the whole process of the test they were doing and made sure that they were gone and had now way of coming back!” - Alexandria S.

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