Want Pesky Squirrels Off Your Property?

Get Those Squirrels Safely Removed


Have Squirrels Overrun Your Home or Business?

Have you noticed a noise in your Gulfport property that used to not be there? It sounds like it's coming from within the walls or ceiling and you don't know what to do about it.

Others are hearing the same, and you want to find out what is making the noise so you can stop it. Your home or business is no longer as relaxing due to this annoying intrusion. You believe that squirrels are the culprit and want to rid your property of them and reclaim your sanity. How can you get the upper hand?

Gulfport Squirrel Removal Professional Holding Small Squirrels He Caught
Squirrel Caught in Trap Set Up by Pest and Animal Removal Experts Serving Gulfport Florida

You Can’t Get Ahead of It

Have you been struggling with a multiplying squirrel infestation? It can be frustrating to constantly fight a losing battle as more and more of these furry critters appear day by day. You're overwhelmed and exhausted as you try and fail to eliminate the problem on your own.

The trouble is, most of the solutions you've found involve getting rid of the squirrels altogether, which doesn't feel like the right approach. You're looking for a safe and humane way to handle this issue but just don't know where to turn.

Phoenix Pest Pros are Your Friends in Gulfport

If you're in over your head in squirrels and their droppings, Phoenix Pest Management and Wildlife Control is here to help! The pros at Phoenix are your friends in the business of squirrel removal.

Our team of experts has years of experience and is well-trained in humanely trapping these pests and then relocating them. Once we've located and sealed all their entry and exit points, we set baited traps and make sure no squirrel gets left behind. We then remove them from the premises and release them into their natural habitat, far away from your property. And if the squirrels leave behind a huge mess, we also offer sanitation services as well as restoration to your home or business upon request. You're in good hands with us!

Proud Pest Control Expert Holding Squirrel He Removed From Gulfport Property
Gulfport Grandma and Squirrel Removal Expert Posing with Squirrel Caught

No More Pesky Headaches

Now that your home or business is clean and pest-free, you’ll be able to do your work or enjoy home with friends and family without worrying about - or worse, encountering - these persnickety pests.

Your property in beautiful Gulfport is fresh and quiet and never looked so good - a refreshing change for your clients and your family. Rest easy in knowing your uninvited guests have now moved on!

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“Scott and *** were very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Scott documented all areas that the squirrels could gain access to the attic and chimney. Scott did a great job removing and releasing flying squirrels from our fireplace. When a few returned Scott came back to catch and release them. *** and Scott sealed all areas around the house and chimney to prevent future entrance. Thanks!” - Mary-Beth L.

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