Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal, Animal Trapping in Tampa Bay

Our animal control services include trapping wild animals and removing them, damage repair and decontamination, animal exclusion, and prevention plans for residential, commercial, industrial and government properties. Our solutions for removing wildlife solutions are performed using the most humane and environmentally responsible techniques.

We humanely trap and remove wildlife invaders including:

  • Squirrels
  • Racoons
  • Mice & Rats
  • Opossums
  • Bats
  • Snakes
  • Armadillos
  • Bee & Wasp

Humane Treatment

Wildlife control is our business. If you are having a nuisance animal issue, contact Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control and we will resolve your wildlife conflict in the most humane and professional manner.

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Noises in Your Attic?

Once nuisance animals gain entry to your property they will almost never leave on their own. They pose a significant danger to you, your family and your property. They must be properly trapped, removed and all the entryways must be repaired and properly reinforced to prevent future invasions.

Wild animals can transmit diseases in many forms. They cause extensive damage to insulation, duct work, ceilings, drywall, and they chew on electrical wires, which create a significant fire hazard. They also urinate and defecate throughout the attic, creating their own toilet above your living space and leaving behind many airborne viruses and contaminants.

When we trap and remove wild animals, we do it using the most humane and effective animal trapping methods, as well as environmentally responsible techniques. Animal-proofing is necessary to keep them from coming back.

Our Comprehensive 5-Step Process to Get Rid of your Nuisance Wildlife

STEP 1 – Inspection

We perform an extensive and complete inspection of all the areas of the property to assess the extent of damage, type of animal we are dealing with and all its entry points.

STEP 2 – Trapping

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control prides themselves on using the most humane and environmentally friendly techniques available. We set up traps based on the type of animal and the observations we make from the inspection. Our most common nuisance animal trapping circumstances are squirrel, raccoon, armadillo, opossum and rats. If you have squirrels getting in your attic, call us for trapping and relocation.

STEP 3 – Elimination

Once they’re caught, all nuisance animals are safely eliminated from homes according to state and federal guidelines.

STEP 4 – Decontamination

Wild animals carry many parasites and diseases. Once the critters are removed, these parasites (such as mites, ticks, fleas and bat bugs) are looking for a new host. That could be you, your family and your pets.

Bats, raccoons, rats and squirrels will use your attic as their toilet. This soiled insulation can become so contaminated that it must all be removed in order to return the space to a clean and disease free environment. Rats are common in Tampa Bay so we get frequent calls for rat extermination.

Raccoon, bird, bat, and rat droppings all carry highly toxic diseases that could harm you and your family. If this occurs at a business, it could impact your employees and clients. Use a professional with the proper credentials and experience for bat removal or raccoon removal.

Completely removing all the insulation and droppings, as well as cleaning and disinfecting the attic space after these animals are removed, is crucial to return to a clean and disease-free environment.

We offer attic restoration services as well as full deodorization and sanitization services.
technician removing opossums

STEP 5 – Exclusion (Animal Proofing)

In the wildlife control profession, we call repairs or modifications made specifically to keep wild animals out of your home or property, wildlife exclusion or animal-proofing.

All areas that the animals are using to enter the building or home will be repaired and closed off using the best materials available. In addition, any potential areas that could be at risk in the future will also be permanently reinforced, followed by one of the best warranties in the business.

Our Guarantee

Get the Best, Highest Quality, Fully Warrantied Animal Damage Repairs and Exclusion Service in Tampa Bay!

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