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Discovered Signs of a Squirrel Invasion?

Do you ever witness a squirrel dashing around your front or back yard, searching for acorns or scaling trees? These curious creatures can be a delight to watch in their natural habitat. However, it can be a different story if you discover that one or more of them have found a way into your Lutz home or business.

Here are some telltale signs that you have a squirrel infestation on your hands:

• You can hear scampering, scratching, or jumping sounds from your attic or walls
• Frequent sightings of squirrel urine and droppings throughout your property
• Unusual interior property damage, such as gnawed wires or insulation
• Chewed or torn shingles

If any of the above sounds familiar, you are likely dealing with a squirrel invasion.

Small Squirrels Caught by Squirrel Removal Company in Lutz Florida
Squirrel Caught in a Trap Set Up by Squirrel Removal Professionals Serving Lutz FL

A Squirrel Removal Will Do The Trick!

There are over two hundred classified species of squirrel in the United States alone! However, if you live in Florida, you're most likely to come across three types of squirrels - the Eastern Gray Squirrel, the Fox Squirrel, and the Flying Squirrel. Out of these three, the Eastern Gray Squirrel is the most common and notorious for sneaking into Lutz homes and businesses.

While squirrels may seem cute and cuddly, they can cause damage to your property. Squirrels are known for chewing on electrical wires, which can cause fires. They can also gnaw on wood, insulation, and even plumbing, which can lead to costly repairs. Moreover, if a squirrel dies in your attic or wall, it can create a nasty odor that can be difficult to get rid of.

If you've noticed any signs of squirrels or a colony of squirrels within your property, it's crucial to seek the assistance of a well-trained squirrel control professional. These experts can safely and legally trap and remove these critters without causing harm to them or your property. They will also seal off any entry points to prevent squirrels from returning.

Our Professionals Conduct Squirrel Removals

If you're dealing with a squirrel invasion in your Lutz home or business, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control offers top-quality squirrel removal services.

After a call for squirrel removal, highly experienced professionals will arrive at your property and conduct a thorough assessment to identify squirrel entry points. Then, they'll set up traps throughout the necessary areas to ensure that every squirrel is captured.

But we don't stop there. Phoenix Pest understands that pests can be stressful and may cause significant damage to your property. Therefore, in addition to expert squirrel removal, we offer sanitation and restoration services to repair any damage caused by the squirrels. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that your property is restored to its former glory.

Furthermore, we believe in conducting our squirrel removal services in a humane and eco-friendly manner. Our team will safely and efficiently remove the squirrels from your property and release them back into their natural habitat without causing them any harm.

You'll finally have peace of mind knowing that your squirrel problem has been taken care of by a team of experts who prioritize your safety and happiness.

Squirrel Removal in Lutz FL
Lutz Grandma and Squirrel Removal Expert Posing with Squirrel Caught

Your Property is Free of Squirrels!

We understand how important it is for you to have a safe and squirrel-free environment. That's why we provide thorough, first-class services to ensure the safety of both the people and squirrels. Once the removal is complete, you can rest assured that your property is secure and healthy from wildlife. Additionally, you'll have peace of mind knowing that all of the squirrels have been relocated to their rightful habitat without any harm.

Finally, you can enjoy the squirrels engaging in their playful antics from the comfort of your home or business. You can watch them chase each other, climb trees, forage for nuts, and perform other goofy behaviors that you're accustomed to.

Our team will also provide you with detailed instructions on how to pest-proof your building to ensure that squirrels or other animals don't return. Finally, your property and family or clients are safe and secure from future invasions!

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“Excellent service and company. I have used this company since we moved to Florida 3 years ago. They sealed my attic for me as there was evidence of squirrels; and I haven’t had a problem since. Scott is amazing and very courteous. He’s always on time and has no problem stopping by in between services if I have a concern. He takes care of both inside and outside of my home including rodent boxes outside as I live behind farmers fields and I have never had a problem. I highly recommend this company as they give great service. A++++” - Catriona I.

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