Stop The Silverfish

With The Best Equipment and Techniques to Guarantee a Home Free of Florida's Tropical Insects


They're Harmless But Annoying

Have you ever walked around your home or business, observed the walls and discovered a small speck?

It looks like a spot of dirt, but if you look just a little closer, you realize that it's a small, creepy looking bug that is silver in color.

After a few days pass, you soon find more of these strange looking insects pop up from the bathroom, the kitchen, bedrooms and outside patio areas.

They're not doing anything, but you sure wish that they weren't around.

What are they? And where are they coming from?

Paper Eaten by a Silverfish Removed by Tarpon Springs Exterminator
Silverfish Removed by Exterminators in Tarpon Springs Home

Having A Silverfish Issue?

Luckily, if there is a "best" type of pest issue to have, a Silverfish problem would most likely be that type.

Silverfish pose no threat to humans. They don't carry bacteria, they don't sting, bite, cause damage or spread diseases. They are just creepy and annoying to have around.

Silverfish are attracted to warm, moist and humid areas, so if you find these little buggers popping up everywhere in your home or business, chances are, you have some moisture somewhere within the structure.

Silverfish are typical attic dwellers, living inside stored boxes in the attic or closets as they live off eating paper products. Our attic treatments as well as our thorough inspection will result in the elimination of these pests

Eliminate the Problem

If you're having trouble finding out where the moisture might be coming from, Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control will be happy to help you discover the source of the issue and help eradicate those annoying insects.

Once the source of the issue is discovered, the silverfish will have no other choice but to claim a new location as their home.

Pinellas County Silverfish Removal Expert Exterminating Tarpon Springs Home
Clean Tarpon Springs Home After Silverfish Removal

Silverfish No More

Once you're provided the best advice on how to eliminate silverfish and prevent them from returning, your home and business will thrive with freshness in the air.

These bugs will no longer crawl within your vents or walls or use your home as a means for safety and you will feel better knowing that you'll never have to look at those creepy pests again.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Tremendous Service and Lowest Prices Around — I honestly could not have been happier with the service received from Phoenix Pest Management. Not only was their price significantly lower than any other competitor's, the treatment was immediately effective and has continued to work over time. I moved into an apartment with a thick shag carpet and a horrible flea problem. I called Phoenix in the early evening and the next morning they were at my front door. They arrived right on time and were very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They gave me great advice on how to keep my apartment flea-free and things have been great since. I would absolutely recommend Phoenix Pest Management to anyone with a pest problem." —Jim Bodson, St. Petersburg. FL

3 Step Silverfish Removal Tarpon Springs Process

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2. Unwanted Pest(s) Removed

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3. Rest Peacefully

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