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Frustrated With Frequent Pests?

Located in the heart of Pasco County, Port Richey is well-known for beautiful places, such as Sims Park, riverfront landscapes, and wildlife preserves. But while it may have a variety of nature and outdoor areas, it's common to experience pests on your property, especially during the summer season. They can make annoying noises, cause messes, and even damage your property. But where can you start to remove them?

Like many other areas in the state of Florida, Port Richey business owners and residents need to learn how to coexist with insects and natural wildlife. Due to the state's inescapable heat and unpredictable precipitation in the summer, pests and wildlife often seek refuge in our homes and properties.

Are you a Port Richey property owner frustrated with animals invading your space?

Squirrels in the Basement of Port Richey House Found by Local Pest Control Company
Port Richey Pest Control Expert Holding Snake He Caught

A Pest Control Professional Can Help!

Often when people find annoying critters in their homes or businesses, they attempt to remove the pests themselves. However, this method can be temporary, harmful, and perhaps even illegal.

Hiring a professional pest control company can not only remove the animals or insects but ensure that they stay away for good. In addition, professional pest control experts can remove the pests and prevent them from returning.

Our Experts Can Assist!

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has a team of experienced professionals equipped to safely conduct pest control services throughout Port Richey.

In addition to safely and legally removing pests and wildlife, our team can fully assess your property to discover all entry points and damaged areas and offer restoration services to ensure that the pests stay out where they belong.

Our experts are experienced in handling a variety of wildlife and insect species including rodent removal, snake removal, bird removal, wasp control, ant control, spider control, and many more!

Truck of Pest Control Company Parked In Front of Port Richey FL Property
Pest Control Expert Flexing Three Armadillos He Removed from Port Richey House

Live a Life Free of Pests & Wildlife

Following a thorough assessment of your property, we'll conduct a safe removal of all pests and wildlife, inspect the area for damage, and conduct any requested and needed restoration.

In addition, we'll advise on how to ensure that your Port Richey property remains pest free for you to coexist with wildlife and peacefully enjoy the beauty that your home state has to offer!

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“We have had Phoenix Pest Control service for 10+ years. They are always professional and thorough. We always receive a call from our guy to set up an appointment and he always follows through with txt messages as to when he will arrive the day of our appointment. We appreciate their service!!” - Dianne H.

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