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Rodents Have Taken Over!

Have you noticed rodent droppings or chew marks near your food packaging? Or have you seen unexplained gnaw marks and other damages to the walls, floors, or furniture in your home or business in the past few weeks? Do you find nesting materials that squirrels may have left behind? If yes, you may be battling a rodent infestation.

According to the Washington State Department of Health, rodents like mice or rats are harmful because they carry diseases that can spread through:

  • Bite wounds
  • Contaminated food or water, or
  • Breathing in germs from urine and droppings

Therefore, taking immediate action to safely remove the rodents is crucial if you suspect a rodent infestation.

Squirrels Hiding in the Basement of Oldsmar House Discovered by Rodent Removal Experts
Pest Control Expert Holding Squirrels Removed from Oldsmar FL Property

Let the Pros Conduct a Rodent Removal

Suppose you have discovered signs of a rodent infestation in your Oldsmar home or business. Feeling anxious and desperate to take care of the pest problem yourself is normal. After all, who wants to spend more money on professional services when it seems like something you can fix on your own? However, conducting safe and legal rodent removal requires someone who is well-trained in different trapping methods and understands the creature's behavior.

A professional pest control expert possesses advanced knowledge of the different trapping methods. Furthermore, they understand the habits and behaviors of rodents. Moreover, they have access to advanced tools and equipment so they can handle the problem safely and effectively. This ensures the safety of you, your family, and your customers.

In the long run, money spent on a professional service will be worth it. So, if you notice signs of a rodent infestation, resist the urge to handle the problem yourself. Call in the professionals! This way, you'll be assured of safe and legal rodent removal practices and learn what needs to be done to prevent rodents in the future.

Our Team is On It!

At Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control, we understand the urgency of having a rodent problem in your home or business. So, we offer professional rodent removal services in Oldsmar! When you call for help, our team of experts will arrive at your location with all the necessary tools to safely trap and relocate all the rodents from your property. 

We have extensive knowledge of rodent species, including squirrels, rats, and more, and their behaviors, enabling us to use the most appropriate techniques to remove them effectively. In addition to trapping and removal, we thoroughly analyze your property to identify all potential entry points and other factors that may attract rodents. This helps us to develop a comprehensive plan to prevent future infestations.

But our services don't stop there. We also offer restoration and sanitation services upon request to ensure that your property is left clean and free from any traces of rodent activity. At Phoenix, your safety and satisfaction are a priority, and we guarantee that your rodent problem will be handled promptly and professionally.

Oldsmar Rodent Removal Expert Showing Rat in a Cage
Trap Set Up by Rodent Removal Professionals on the Roof of a Property in Oldsmar FL

Get Your Property Back!

Are you tired of sharing your Oldsmar home or business with uninvited rodent guests? Our team of experts can help you reclaim your property and make it a safe and healthy environment again!

We will conduct a thorough assessment to identify any signs of rodent colonies or nests and then seal all entry points to prevent them from returning. Furthermore, we offer sanitation and restoration services to ensure that your space is free from any remnants of the infestation.

Once we are done, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you, your family, and your clients are no longer at risk. With the rodents gone, you will notice how the air feels fresher and cleaner than it once did and know that your property is your own again.

But, that's not all - our team will share some valuable tips on keeping rodents away from your property for good so you can enjoy a rodent-free space for years to come! Finally, with assistance from our team, you will also learn new tips on keeping the rodents away from your home or business for good.

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“Awesome company and awesome people! They did an outstanding job at ridding my grandma's house of rodents! She lives in an old mobile home and Phoenix spent several hours sealing all holes and openings around the outside and underneath of her mobile home and continued to come out everytime we called! Very nice people work there!” - Katrina W.

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