Remove Your Rodents

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Squirrels, Mice And Rats... Oh My

No matter how cute they may look, having rodents linger around your property is never a good sign.

Sometimes when you finally may notice rodent activity it's often too late and there is typically more of an issue than you may think.

Phoenix Pest Management and Wildlife Control can animal proof your home and do necessary repairs to keep you from having an issue in the first place.

Mouse traps are not going to be able to solve these issues.

Cute Squirrels Held By Tarpon Springs Rodent Removal Professionals
Squirrels Discovered By Rodent Removal Experts in Tarpon Springs Attic

Why Are There Rodents?

Rodent infestations can mean many things. Usually rodents are attracted to food, bacteria, trash or dark and musty areas.

Therefore, if you find multiple rodent species invading your property, this means that somewhere there is an area that needs to be cleaned up.

Finding the source of the problem and handling the situation at the same time can be a heavy burden.

That's why we're here!


Clear Out The Rodents

Clearing out a rodent infestation will take a lot of investigating, cleaning and trapping.

These creatures are fast, feisty and they won't go away without a decent fight.

That's why it's important for you to take control of the situation, and in order to do that you will need help.

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control can lure these rodents away from your home and business with top notch professionals who know what they're doing.

Rodent Removal Expert Showing Mice He Caught in Tarpon Springs Home
Rodent Removal Professional Cleaning Up After Removing Unwanted Wildlife In Tarpon Springs Home

Clean Up Time

Even when they are removed from the area, rodents leave giant messes such as dropping trails, food piles, and sometimes even dead carcasses.

This can spread diseases if it's not handled properly.

With our help, all damages will be restored and all areas will be completely detoxified and cleaned up to perfection.

Your property will be cleaner and you'll know exactly how to prevent an infestation for the future.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Five stars for Phoenix!! Steve Barker has been providing pest management and wild life control services at my house for sometime now, and I claim that he is the best in the business. From removing rats from my attic to keeping insects and spiders out of my house, Steve at Phoenix has always provided superb customer service. He is quick to take a call, and he readily and efficiently accomplishes a job. His level of professionalism and knowledge are to be commended, and his prices are affordable! It truly is a pleasure doing business with Phoenix. I highly recommend Phoenix for all of your pest and wildlife control needs." —Jessica L., Tampa, FL

Rodent Removal Tarpon Springs Process

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3. Rest Peacefully

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