Armadillo Removal

Effective Armadillo Elimination in Tampa Bay

The Armadillo is an interesting creature, unfortunately it can do a lot of damage to your property. Expert armadillo removal is the only way to protect your yard and property. Armadillos are non aggressive and will most likely run away if provoked. They are mainly seen at nighttime and don’t have great eyesight.

They feed mainly on lawn insects, grubs and worms. The problem is that they have to dig up your yard to find their food, leaving holes and tunnels as evidence.

They will also dig big holes for their dens under the foundation of homes, pool decks, brick pavers, sidewalks, A/C foundations and under hedges and landscaping doing significant damage.

Armadillos can carry and can transmit diseases such as rabies, leprosy, salmonella, as well as tapeworms that can be transmitted to humans.

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has been Trapping Armadillos for Years

Trapping and removing the Armadillo is the most effective way to stop the damage and the risk they pose.

Trapping an Armadillo can be very tricky as they are not attracted to any type of bait.

We know their behavior, habits and how to effectively set up traps, capture and remove them from your property. They are just one type of wildlife or nuisance animal that we trap and remove.

If you have holes in your yard or see armadillos active at night and think you have an armadillo problem, call us today for a free inspection.

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