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Armadillos In Your Yard?

While being mainly nonthreatening to humans, armadillos have proven to be a threat to our yards and our wallets.

For garden owners, these pests can be one of their biggest nightmares.

They dig, they burrow and they destroy our landscaping and sod, often costing a lot of money to repair.

Armadillo Caught and Caged by Tarpon Springs Wildlife Removal Experts
Tarpon Springs Wildlife Removal Expert Holding Two Armadillos

Don't Handle Them Yourself

Handling these creatures can be nasty business even if they don't pose a threat to you.

The truth is, these nocturnal pests are incredibly difficult to handle. Why? Because they're not territorial.

The armadillo that you find in your garden today may not be the same armadillo that you find digging up your new sod next week.

So even if you successfully remove one from your yard, that doesn't mean another one won't make its way to your home or business in the future.

We've Successfully Removed Them From Properties

While armadillos are particularly difficult for some, for us it's like another day on the job.

These pests like to dig a lot of holes to feed on bugs or build their dens. Simultaneously, they may also destroy plants and wreak havoc in your yard. However, we know exactly how to trap them and where to place them once they're captured.

From that point, we can provide restoration services plus help you come up with the best ways to keep them out of your property once and for all.

Three Armadillos Removed from Tarpon Springs Home
Wildlife Removal Expert Holding Caught Armadillo with a Family from Tarpon Springs FL

They'll Stay Out For Good

There are many ways to help your yard stay safe from unwanted intruders such as armadillos. Trapping and removing them is probably the most effective way of doing it.

We understand their behavior and can successfully predict their next move in order to set up traps, capture and remove them from your property.

Afterwards, you'll understand the correct preventions with the right restoration and protection plan that we may provide for you.

You'll have a better looking garden, yard and feel happy to know that no armadillo will be back to harm it or your wallet ever again.

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'We have been clients of Phoenix Pest Management for over five years. Our experience has been that they always arrive on time, are friendly, address any concerns that we might have, and are professional. Between scheduled visits, we can call them for any specific problems and they come at no additional charge. However, due to the fact that they are very thorough in their assessment and service, we have only called them one time in the five plus years after a very heavy rain and an ant problem. We can count on them and will continue their service. In the business world, their service is excellent with a five star rating." — Terrie & Wayne Pickett, Kenneth City. FL

Armadillo Removal Tarpon Springs Process

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