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There Are Squirrel Nests on Your Property

The state of Florida has a vast squirrel population, including the Gray Squirrel, the Fox Squirrel, and the Southern Flying Squirrel. Most Trinity residents and business owners can observe these adorable creatures scavenge for nuts and acorns, scale tall trees, and cross busy streets. 

However, what happens when these creatures make their way into your Trinity home or business? They're not adorable anymore! If a squirrel has crossed its boundary into your property, it will likely find a nesting area in your attic or walls. If you suspect or have discovered one or more of these critters, you may require a professional squirrel removal.

Florida-based Squirrel Removal Expert Holding Small Squirrels Caught in a Trinity House
Squirrel Caught in a Trap Set Up by Squirrel Removal Experts Serving Trinity FL and Nearby Cities

What Is Squirrel Removal?

Professional squirrel removal is a safe and legal procedure for relocating squirrels. While many people may attempt squirrel removal without assistance from a professional pest control expert, this is usually not a safe or financially beneficial decision.

While they may appear cute, squirrels of all species can be extremely aggressive and territorial, and while they rarely attack humans, they can be unpredictable if provoked. Furthermore, they carry various germs and viruses, which is part of why it's so crucial to remove them.

A squirrel removal expert understands a squirrel's behavior and knows the precise trapping methods to thoroughly remove them from the premises. Additionally, they can discover all entry points within the property and figure out all other causes that attracted the squirrels in the first place.

We're Happy to Help!

Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control has a team of experts skilled in conducting safe and legal squirrel removal throughout Florida.

Our professionals are background-checked and experienced in handling a variety of squirrel species. They specialize in conducting the proper trapping methods to ensure that all pests are safely extracted from the premises. 

Furthermore, we'll seal all entry points to prevent squirrels and other pests from re-entering. If you ask for it, we'll be glad to conduct restoration and sanitation services for any damage that may have occurred.

Squirrel Removal Expert Holding Caught Squirrel from Trinity Property
Pest Control Professional Holding Squirrel Removed From Trinity Grandma's Home

No More Squirrels!

Following our professional squirrel removal, you'll notice a drastic change in the damage, droppings, and nests within your precious property. You'll finally be able to live peacefully on your Trinity property!

Now they can return to their natural habitat safely, meanwhile, you learn exactly what needs to be done to ensure they stay away. In the end, you can finally coexist with them and enjoy their goofy, cute behaviors from afar.

However, if a squirrel or any other wildlife species happens to enter your Trinity property once more, we'd be happy to return to conduct any removal procedure necessary.

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“Excellent service and company. I have used this company since we moved to Florida 3 years ago. They sealed my attic for me as there was evidence of squirrels; and I haven’t had a problem since. Scott is amazing and very courteous. He’s always on time and has no problem stopping by in between services if I have a concern. He takes care of both inside and outside of my home including rodent boxes outside as I live behind farmers fields and I have never had a problem. I highly recommend this company as they give great service. A++++” - Catriona I.

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