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Expert Bee Removal in Tampa Bay

Bees are extremely important to the environment and we prefer to avoid extermination if possible.

If the bees have made it inside your house, then calling a local bee exterminator in Tampa is most likely the only solution. They won’t leave on their own. The queen bee prefers to nest in a hollow place with a small opening. If that place is on your walls, safe extraction and relocation may not be possible. Bee removal Tampa should only be done by experienced pest control technicians.

Whatever you do, don’t attempt to remove the swarm on your own – removal should only be done by experienced pest control technicians. Without the proper training and equipment, you put yourself at risk of getting stung.

If you have a bee problem, trust the experts in bee removal in Tampa to take care of it quickly, professionally, and for an affordable price.

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What Kind of Bee Problem Do You Have

Not every bee removal in Tampa is the same. Bees are complex insects that can quickly become dangerous when they’re disturbed. Understanding the type of problem you’re dealing with is necessary to safely remove the colony.

Honey bees can wreak havoc on your home as a swarm or as an established hive. You wouldn’t treat a swarm the same way you would treat a hive – each of these situations requires a different approach.

  • Swarming Bees: A cluster of bees without a hive is called a swarm. Swarming is a natural part of their life cycle that occurs when a colony is looking for a new place to nest. Swarming can look scary, but it’s actually when they are the most docile. While that makes them easier to remove, it doesn’t mean you should approach a swarm – leave that to the experts.
  • Established Hive: Removing an established hive is far more complicated than removing a swarm. For starters, the colony is more defensive, increasing the risk of being stung. Removing the hive also requires extracting any honeycombs the bees have built. If the combs are not removed properly, the scent that’s left behind will attract a new swarm of bees and you’ll be back at square one.

Our Guarantee

We provide a bug-free guarantee with all pest control services. We also re-treat if necessary between services for no extra charge. We pride ourselves on building lifelong relationships by exceeding your expectations and our service is what sets us apart.

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Common Problems Tampa Residents Encounter

Most of the problems that Tampa residents encounter involve honey bees. However, they aren’t the only species known to invade Florida homes. Some of the other types you might encounter include:

  • Bumblebees: Like honey bees, these large and fuzzy pollinators are hugely important to our environment, but that doesn’t mean you want them living in the walls of your home. Luckily, bumblebees rarely nest in structures. If they do, we’ll work with you to come up with the best removal solution.
  • Carpenter Bees: As their name suggests, carpenter bees make their nests in dry wood. While they don’t do nearly as much damage as termites (carpenter bees don’t actually eat wood), they can cause aesthetic and even structural damage to your home if not taken care of right away.

Because every home is unique, so is every bee problem that we solve. There is no cookie-cutter method of removal – that’s why experience in the field is so important. Over the years, our highly trained technicians have safely removed bees from countless homes and businesses. With the right knowledge and the right equipment for the job, there’s nothing we can’t handle!

Common Bee & Wasp Nesting Places include:

Bees and wasps can make themselves at home almost anywhere. Whenever we can, we prefer to relocate pollinating bees. While this is easy to do if they’re nesting outside in the hollow of a tree, it’s much more difficult if the hive is living inside the walls of your home. Unfortunately, sometimes extermination is the only way to protect your home and your family.

The location of the nest is the most important factor we use to determine how we’re able to remove the colony. Some of the most common wasp and bee nesting places include:

  • The walls or a house or business
  • The attic, usually close to the soffit
  • Under the floor of a raised house or trailer
  • In outdoor air conditioning units, sheds, old tires, boats or old cars and RV’s
  • The hollow of a tree

You can tell if the bees are nesting inside your property by looking to see if they are going in and out of an opening during the day. If so, they are nesting inside and you need to call a bee exterminator in Tampa right away.


They were very prompt and professional. The service was excellent and responsive to all of our concerns. Steve is a great guy and worked diligently until the problem was resolved. I would highly recommend…

— Ken & Terese, Tampa, FL

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Visiting Bees

According to an old superstition, a bee flying into your home is a sign of good luck. But to experts in bee removal in Tampa, these visitors can mean serious trouble.

Visiting bees are either scouts from a swarm or members of an active hive. Scouts are looking for a new home. You can identify scouts by the way they behave. Unlike bees from an active hive that fly with a purpose to and from their home, scouts hover around potential nesting areas.

If the bees buzzing around your property are scouts, call Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control right away so that we can inspect the area and prevent them from establishing a hive.

If the visitors are already part of an active hive, then you have a slightly more complex problem on your hands. Don’t worry though – we can stop them by sealing all cracks, openings, and holes within 15 or so feet of the main opening. However, we cannot seal these areas until the original colony has left or been exterminated since sealing it off too early may force them into your home.

If they keep trying to return to the old colony, we will come back out to treat the area again at no extra cost! Usually, this will not happen as the extermination process is very thorough, preventing any new colonies from finding their way in. We also take steps to prevent re-infestation by filling the cavity to reduce the pheromone odor given off by the hive.

When you call us to request a free service estimate, we’ll thoroughly inspect your property for hive activity. At the end of the day, we want to provide our customers with more than a prompt and affordable service – we want them to have peace of mind.

Wasp Removal

We are also experts at ridding your home and business of all kinds of wasps and hornets. Because wasps tend to be more aggressive, it’s important that they’re removed as soon as possible with the right equipment to prevent serious injury.

YELLOW JACKETS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS – please do not try to eliminate these on your own, call a professional!

Social species like yellow jackets and hornets can build large papery nests that house thousands of wasps. If you see wasps coming in and out, the nest is active and you should keep your distance to avoid getting stung.

Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times. Once they sting, they send out an alarm pheromone to call for backup. This is definitely not the type of pest you want hanging around in your backyard. Keep pets and children away from the area until the threat is removed.

Wasp nests start out small in the spring and early summer and reach their largest size in late fall. The longer you ignore a wasp problem, the worse it will get – that’s why having the nest professionally exterminated as soon as possible is always the best solution.

Our Services are 100% Guaranteed.

Our service is guaranteed. If the bees are not completely gone after 3 days, we will retreat them. If the bees come back, we will come back and treat again. We’re confident that we can solve your household insect problem, no matter where the nest is located or how large the colony is.

All of our technicians are fully trained in proper bee removal. For honey bees, if accessible, we will need to remove the entire honeycomb. Completely extracting it is necessary not only to prevent a new colony from moving in, but to also prevent structural damage caused by the melting honey. It also prevents other pests like ants and roaches from taking advantage of the free food source.

If the nest material or honeycomb is inaccessible, we will fill and encase the area which will also prevent further damage and future infestation. Every honeycomb extraction is different, but you can rely on our experienced technicians to choose the most effective method available every time.

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