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Tarpon Springs, FL—It’s one of the most cliché arguments any couple, pair of roommates or family members can have while living together: who’s going to kill the spider, roach or pest that’s found its way into the house? This argument is especially present for households in Florida where bugs, snakes and even alligators find their way into homes all the time.

Rather than trying to wrangle wildlife on their own, Florida homeowners can seek assistance from a pest control company. One of the more prominent pest control Tampa companies is known as Phoenix Pest Management, and they have recently extended their coverage to the entire Tampa region.

Phoenix Pest Management is an organization that provides pest control in Tampa, FL. They service the entire Tampa Bay area, including the Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough and Hernando county areas. As a company, Phoenix Pest Management boasts a five-star, A-plus rating on sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and more. Their business was founded on the values of trustworthiness, expertise and fair pricing.

Phoenix Pest Management provides services for various types of pest control. If a home or business is experiencing a roach, spider, wasp or other insect infestation, a team member will first sweep the area to remove any nests or webs around the building’s exterior. Then, using a liquid residual product, the team member can treat all the home’s entrances, outdoor spaces and exterior walls. Finally, they can apply a granular bait to areas where the bugs likely nest.

Inside the home, residual product and gel baits are used to protect the kitchen, bathroom or other infested areas from getting infested again. These products are used inside, instead of harmful sprays, to protect any children or pets inside of the home.Once this initial treatment is completed, Phoenix Pest Management can return every three months to ensure that the building is remaining pest-free.

Phoenix Pest Management also offers Tampa wildlife removal, including larger wildlife, from a home or place of business. In Florida, animals occasionally find their way into a building, and Phoenix Pest Management has extensive experience with many different species. They specifically promote their services with removing armadillos, bats, hogs, squirrels, raccoons and rats.

With their expansive coverage of the Tampa area, Phoenix Pest Management is making it easier and more convenient for property owners in the Tampa Bay area to avail of the pest and wildlife control services they need.

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