The List of Venomous Animals You Need to Avoid in Tampa

Living in the Sunshine State has its perks – when they’re shoveling snow up North, we’re heading to the beach. But Tampa’s warm climate also makes it the perfect place for a whole host of venomous animals to live.

Luckily, with the right animal control in Tampa, FL, you can keep these dangerous animals away from your home and keep your family safe. From snakes to caterpillars, these are some of the most venomous animals you might encounter in your own backyard. Don’t attempt to deal with them by yourself – stay safe by calling a Tampa wildlife removal company instead.


Most of the snakes you’ll find around Florida homes, such as black racers and garter snakes, are harmless. In fact, these non-venomous snakes can even be beneficial to have around because they keep rodent and frog populations in check.

On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid venomous snakes at all costs – their bite can potentially be fatal. In Tampa, there are six species of venomous snakes to avoid. These include:

  • Timber Rattlesnakes
  • Pigmy Rattlesnakes
  • Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes
  • Water Moccasins
  • Copperheads
  • Coral Snakes

Identifying these snakes on your own can be tricky, as many non-venomous snakes will mimic venomous species to survive. If you think a snake on your property may be venomous, don’t take any chances – call professional animal control in Tampa to identify the species and safely remove the animal.

Fire Ants

Anyone who’s ever lived in the South knows the painful sting of a fire ant. These venomous little creatures aren’t just annoying – because they’re so aggressive, they can pose a serious danger to children and pets.

Allergic reactions to fire ants are another serious problem. If you have these pests in your yard, exterminating the mound on your own can be risky. Instead, it’s best to avoid them and leave that to the Tampa wildlife removal experts.

Bees & Wasps

If you have a bee or wasp nest on your property, you and your family should be careful to avoid it. Wasps, in particular, are extremely aggressive, swarming and stinging when their nest is disturbed. Allergies to bees and wasps are also very common – you can be allergic without even knowing it.


While we don’t have to worry about giant, foot-long spiders like the ones they have over in Australia, we do have our fair share of venomous spiders in Tampa. The two most dangerous spiders you need to avoid are the brown recluse and the Black Widow spider.

The Black Widow is easy to identify with their black, hourglass-shaped body and telltale red/orange mark on their back. A brown recluse is harder to spot, but they can be most accurately identified by the violin-shaped marking on their back. Preventative pest control treatments done by animal control in Tampa are the best way to keep spiders and insects out of your home.


They may not seem very scary, but there are actually several species of venomous caterpillars in Tampa that can pose a danger to humans. Beware the stinging hairs of the Puss Caterpillar, the most venomous caterpillar species in North America – they look fuzzy and cute, but their venom can cause severe allergic reactions.

Call the Tampa Wildlife Removal Experts

When it comes to protecting your home and keeping your family safe from venomous animal species, no Tampa wildlife removal company takes that job more seriously than Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control. We use the safest and most effective removal methods available to solve your pest problems and prevent future invasions.

If you need fast and affordable animal control in Tampa, FL, call us today!